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The 10 Most Educated African Leaders


10. Peter Mutharika- Malawi


AFRICANGLOBE – Viewing leadership as an expression of responsible citizenship goes back to Plato and Aristotle. For Plato, a major concern is the possibility that leadership could degenerate if the leader does not separate his personal interests from the welfare of those he governs. In addition, intelligence is central to the Platonic view of leadership, so the idea that more educated citizens could be better leaders would come as no surprise.

Peter Mutharika- Malawi

  • Born in 1940
  • Studied law at the US’s Yale University and University of London
  • Former law professor at Washington University
  • Elected MP in 2009
  • Brother of late President Bingu wa Mutharika
  • Justice, education and foreign minister in brother’s cabinet
  • Accused of plotting coup in 2012; denies treason charge

Arthur Peter Mutharika (APM) was a very active member of the youth league of the MCP, good friend of Chakufwa Chihana, Jomo Chikwakwa, Masauko Chipembere and Atati Mpakati. He was still a student when cabinet crisis happened so he decided to concentrate on his studies and obtained his Phd at 29. Sadly he could not return because his brother left under suspicious circumstances leading to the attack on his family by the MYP zealots in particular his father who died 11 months later. However, he joined other freedom fighters offering free legal services to Lesoma and Mafremo as their legal advisor. Based in Tanzania he also met and interacted with other liberation movements in the region and made available his services to help them frame ideal constitutions in their various countries upon being liberated. The death of Atati Mpaka,Masauko Chipembere and the arrest of Orton Chirwa his closest friends in the struggle against Dr Banda’s oppression made him to relocate to the USA. In the USA, he met Mponda Mkandawire and Meki Ntewa and other people who were involved in the early formation stages of the Alliance for Democracy. The campaign alongside efforts by other people like Aleke Banda,Bakili Muluzi,John Lwanda and Tiyambe Zereza to mention a few bore fruits. He was then invited by the public affairs committee and others to preside over the constitutional conference as a resource person. It is said that our constitution has seven chapters.

When UDF,came into office,Dr Bakili Muluzi invited him into cabinet so he could became post MCP- Malawi’s first minister of justice but he declined the offer because of his loyalty and affiliations to Meki Ntewa,Mponda Mkandawire and his best friend Chakufwa Chihana who at that time were in the opposition party-Aford. When the office of the Director of Anti Corruption Bureau,Dr Muluzi approached him once more to head it as its first director but he again let the opportunity passed because his ties to his colleagues in AFORD were so strong.Being a lawyer yourself,you certainly be aware that APM contributed 4 of the 7 chapters of our constitution, his works are well documented after leaving Malawi than before living in Malawi.