10 Great African Kings You Should Know About


10. Endubis

AFRICANGLOBE – Many of us call the Black men in our lives kings as a term of endearment, respect and encouragement, but with no extensive connection or education of Black royalty here in the Western world, those words seem nothing more than platitudes. Usually, the only view of Black royalty comes from over 4000 years ago in Ancient Egypt & Nubia.

As we celebrate the kings in our families, we’d like to introduce you to 10 real life Great Pre-colonial African Kings we should all know more about and identify with.

Endubis 270ce. -300ce Axum (Ethiopia) Axum was a powerful North East African Empire which rose to power after the decline of Ancient Egypt and Nubia. Axum is credited with conquering and bringing the ultimate end of the Kingdom of ancient Meroe (Nubia). Axum controlled the horn of Africa to across the Red Sea into the Arabian plateau. Endubis was the first king of Ancient Africa to mint coinage, and following Endubis, all Axumite (Ethiopian) Emperors  minted their own coinage: gold, silver and bronze pieces with their faces and motto.

Endubis or Endybis, King of Axum ca 270-300 AD