Africa Pet Food Nutraceuticals Market

Africa Pet Food Nutraceuticals Market

The total South American Pet Nutraceuticals market is valued at over $ 291.2 million in 2015 and is projected to reach over million by 2020 growing at a CAGR of between the years 2015 and 2020. The pet nutraceuticals market is defined as dietary supplements, functional foods or medicinal food products that provide a source of a recognized essential nutrient, like calcium or vitamin A. They are intended to work as supplements and ensure the nutritional completeness of the pet diet.

The African region with its rising disposable incomes, urbanization and large influence of westernized trends is seeing declining birth rates, rise in single income families and divorce rates. This has resulted in increasing number of people adopting pets. However, marked by high costs of living, electricity and fuel costs are the cost drivers, which are effecting the consumer spending on prepared pet food. Some consumers are resorting to cooked food for their pets rather than purchasing prepared foods. Growing awareness on pet nutrition is driving sales for pain relied associated with muscle and joint health followed by eye care, tooth -care.

The Northern African countries of Morocco and Egypt are influenced by the western culture and the rising adoption of pets, in particular dogs & cats are driving imports of foreign brands. One of the major marketing channel for companies to tap the nutrition segment is the specialized brands sold by vets. Africa pet food nutraceutical market is dominated by retail sales coming from the South Africa region, followed by the Northern African countries and Namibia.

South Africans perceive pet nutrition to be associated with Proteins, vitamins & minerals, fats and carbohydrates. The South African region is dominated by more than 200 brands of pet foods and companies like Hills have been supporting animal welfare organizations around South Africa and Namibia through its sales team, comprising of vet nurses, and pushing for their nutritional care products. Other major regions in Africa, which appear to hold scope for market growth, include Namibia, Morocco and Egypt among others. Morocco with its rising number of pet shops and influence of western culture is a major market driving the growth of nutrition based pet foods. Morocco, which is a premium market is seeing a shift towards economy segment. The growing economies of Namibia and Nigeria are expected to drive sales for Pet nutrition.

The market is differentiated based various factors such as that of animal type, function type, ingredient type, application type and geography. Based on the animal type, the pet food sales are adjacent to the respective animal populations with dogs and cats occupying the major share. Animal muscle and joint health is a major concern among pet owners, thus dominating sales in this product category. Eye-care, tooth care, immunity, digestive health are some of the common functionalities, which the pet owners look for in the product labels before making a purchasing decision. Rising levels of obesity, coronary diseases, among pets are driving sales of pet supplements for immunity, weight management and digestive health. ADM, Scoular, Merial, Novotech, and Mars are the major players in the industry.

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