African King Declared The Richest Person In Human History

  • Paul Hickman

    #ArrowofAfrica–quite simply try to emulate him and do something likewise.

  • Abdul Hakeem

    Sulaiman (Solomon) was also an African, but clearly his wealth & wisdon were mythical.

  • Dipe Cheque

    I clicked on this article because I thought the profile picture was a case of Pumpkin spice tampons.

  • Omosh Owino

    Create your own wealth, stop asking where his went….smh

  • Nathalie Bruno

    The wealth didnt dissapear somebody has it today.

  • Joe Bizumo

    Where is the wealth you idiot!

  • Joseph Otu

    Was he as rich as Solomon??????

  • Chisom J Paul

    Of what benefits is it to Africans

  • Zizman Mdalah

    Rich by selling his own people iguese…

  • Bedinat Davis

    Although inspiring, too bad it wasn’t the Roman empire vs our own.

  • Fast Man

    this is inspiring


    Mansa Musa was truly a Legendary Monarch. Above Caesar, above Alexander, above all the commonly mentioned legendary historical figures. Musa could have bought and sold the entire Roman Empire if he wanted to.

  • Robert J Williams

    Stop liv’n in the pass! FUCK who WAS, question is; WHO IS the riches? Lot of BLACK MEN today Billion AIRS & on their way UP,,, but what different dose it make to the black race when they keep it all to themselves?

  • Pa Sarr

    What about sundiata keita

  • Sambap Jallow

    Mansa Musa kankan …..may his soul rest in peace

  • Zende Nyawela

    The article can’t be accessed.

  • Madou Coulibaly

    My king Moussa…… You’ll always be in our heart.

  • Sakinah Rashiydel

    No King Solomon wasn’t the richest, he was the wisest king in all history! Mansa Musa gave gold in charity to several villages/cities, not just Arabia, he at one point controlled currency throughout the Mediterranean due to his intelligence & power…..

  • Dorothy Goldsmith

    You are right was! Africa since has been raped and robbed of every thing including their souls. The european and Asian Nations has made sure of that!

  • Phonix AfricanChild

    He was not true African King because he was brainwashed by religion in the way he handed over tone of gold in charity to Arabs when was making trip to mecca. Now Mali is top rank poor Nation in the world think before act.

  • Frederick Voltaire

    Then where is the mythical King Solomon of the Hebrew Bible???

  • Robert Stroud

    cause he’s black

  • NaNa Miriam

    Ok that’s nice…now what?

  • Biafra Memorial Weekend


  • Jones Alana


  • Lynn Crine Candy

    The riches that have made many around the world wealthy were taken out of Africa.

  • Isyaga Jabbie

    Tang AB Sule Jabbie Anandi Bikoko

  • Warren Smiley Henderson


  • Philip Brame

    There are two examples right here why religion is so dangerous and stupid and blinding..@KennethSouris and LaQuita Thurmanta

  • James HardWork Johnson

    King mansa musa 400billion he rule Mali at age 25 he own salt, sugar & he own gold to

  • LaQuita Thurman

    King Solomon was the riches in human history

  • Evelyn Appiah-Donyina

    Very interesting, this one.

  • Kenneth Sourie

    A bit old story.. You can find on Islamic History! Not Christian.. Because he was Muslim