African State Of Angola Bans Islam All Mosques To Be Destroyed

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  • Ahmed Baharoon

    Just to be clear, people in Arab countries have marched against all mentioned atrocities except perhaps in Saudi which bans such activities. The salafi sect is the reason behind all those and if you haven’t noticed, victims in Somalia and Nigeria as well as other countries under the fascist rule of Alqaeda (Yemen, Libya, Lebanon) are MUSLIMS too. For those who say that Arabs enslaved blacks, that was true before Islam, after Islam the Prophet changed all that, one of the most figures of Islam and the companion of the Prophet is Bilal (a black man from Ethiopia). I will not deny that many Arabs are racists, not only against black but against themselves too. One of the most cultural figures in Arabian history is Antarah, a black man who’s wrote poetry about his sweetheart Ablah (his father refused marry them because he was black), the importance of one of his long poem made it know and memorized by Arabs for nearly 1500 years, it was placed on the Holy Ka’aba due to its importance. Saudis do not represent Muslims, we have extremists but so does every religion in the world.

  • Ahmed Baharoon

    I’m an Arab and I agree with you completely.

  • Dawn Las Quevas-Allen

    Africa needs to kick it’s colonisers out and start doing business with them from a stand point that creates proper wealth for the people not at the expense of the people. Those governments, Chiefs and Kings are the servants of the people, there to protect and serve the people and not the other way round. Only Re Lie On has given the people a totally screwed view of who is supposed to serve whom!

  • Joe Bizumo

    An African is the inherent enemy of both,now whether white or arab doesnt matter ,terrorising africans is a grand dialectical tool of controlling so much so that africans who are the originators of spirituality do not re organise and return home and assume an upperhand again!

  • Angolan Rose

    The best reply so far! I’m still waiting for the day the peaceful Muslims march against the atrocities committed by these extremists. Angola is probably only trying to protect itself from the terror.

  • Steven Ronald Akon

    Celso Mhlope Mr. I know, I know, I know.I bet you are an idiot Arab who wash his hairy azz 5 times a day to bend in front of dress wearing men, Bombclat!!!

  • عبدالرحمن ابورجب

    Why do they hate Arabs accuse Alavariqy

  • Muhammad Hundee Umar

    Oh.. go attack random people who have nothing to do with the atrocities committed by the Arabs, because they share the same religion? Oh yeah that’s real logical!

  • Kastro Mongisto

    Ban all the religions that are un-African or were introduced to Africa.

  • Bob Cesar

    Ban christian, too.

  • Joe Fann

    I have personally seen christian relief organizations deny food, water and medical treatment to local African people because they would not convert to christianity. During the Rwanda massacre, a christian priest gave up over 9000 Tutsi’s to be slaughtered. You want torture? How about what is being done in Guantanamo? I have seen places in various parts of Africa that are places of torture yet are labeled as “prisons” and are ran by the christian people. So please dont try to stand on a pedestal and claim your religion is better than any other religion

  • Bubba Fall

    Following these religions be it Islam, Judaism or Christianity is an INSULT to our ancestors who suffered greatly in the hands of these oppressors who sold us like cattle, changed our names, our believe; culture. While doing it they raped our women .

  • Brandon M. Chapman

    Evangelists are Christians. And muslims kill and enslave black Africans. They’ve been doing so for centuries. Maybe someone else will feel sorry for you and empathize with your so-called ‘plight’.

  • Trump Tight

    The real Jew is from Portugal? First I’ve heard this. That’s definitely not accurate. The aboriginal real Jews aren’t even of European decent BUT I get what you saying brother.

  • Ftuwee Tekeste

    That is just wrong on so many levels, you can’t just ban a whole religion. a lot of these Islamic extremists probably never heard of Angola, but now they do Angola is probably on the extremists map

  • Celso Mhlope

    Steven Ronald Akon, if you had paid closer attention to what I wrote, you would see that I was referring to the actions of the Angolan President, What you call “ballooning” is completely out of context, me being the son of a Christian and a Muslim, I know both sides of the fence, I also know about racism and hate, better than you do maybe, because I deal with arabs every single day and I know that there are a lot of them that should not walk the earth, so don’t lecture me about arabs, cause you don’t know what I know about them, this was not a personal attack, you with your square mind tried to take protagonism out something entirely different…Who’s the one trying to behave as intelligent now? your balloon should say “Steve Shut up”!!!!

  • Nina Simone

    Fay Fay when you write in English a little more clearly, then I’ll talk to you but for now I’m getting a headache reading your writing.

  • Omowale Jabali

    To my African Muslim sisters and brothers…I can understand why the Angolans would welcome this decision but do you? Were you this outraged when Al Qaeda rebels were slaughtering black people in Libya? Did you speak out against Salafists sacking Timbuktu and destroying Mali’s cultural heritage sites? Are you speaking out against the atrocities of Boko Haram in Nigeria or Al Shabaab in Somalia? Are you protesting in solidarity with our people of Ethiopia who are being raped and decspitated in the streets of Makaah? If not, then you are failing to live in Peace, so it is what it is and shall be.

  • Omowale Jabali

    Anyone who argues that Christianity had no part in slavery study the history of Angola before it was colonized and existed as Ndongo and several other kingdoms before Nzinga converted to Catholocism! In the so called new world the Ndongo were known as Malungu in Virginia. But since Angola is now 95% Christian that part of our story will remain a mystery otherwise known as his-story.

  • Dawn Las Quevas-Allen

    Ehem, correct me if I’m wrong but was it not the Christian who came to Africa with the gun & the bible? Was it not the Christian who kidnapped & enslaved millions of Africans on the foreign shores of the Caribbean & US & used the bible to promote & condone said enslavement. Was it not the Christian who stole not just the mineral wealth of Africa, but it’s cultural historical wealth also & was the first European slave ship not called The Good Ship Jesus? & what has the Christian given Africa in return? Let’s see Well there’s AIDS there’s Ebola, there’s maleria, there’s monosanto, there’s poverty oh & lets not forget their white Jesus & their pagan religion dressed up as Something akin to Christianity that shows the African that the way to greatness & heaven is through forgiveness rather than kicking these users out of Africa & in stilling a sense of pride & unity in all it’s people by embracing Africa’s old traditions of spirituality instead of demonising it? Just a thought!

  • Senita Jauan BooksnBsns

    so- where are the Christians at- that are torturing Africans? …Ill wait. Dont just say some nonsense- cause it “felt fair”.

  • Senita Jauan BooksnBsns

    really? yeah- thats right, turn back to deities and witchcraft- the religions (I suppose your speaking of) that protected you from foreign rule and slavery…oh wait…thats not how it went down. smh.

  • Senita Jauan BooksnBsns

    People keep mentioning “Christians” – I know plenty of African Christians- w ho are not harming others. Did “Christians” sell Africans? or Islamic Arabs? Are Christians torturing Ethiopians as we speak? or Islamic Arabs?— Islamic Arabs have been a main source of prejudice towards blacks- for centuries- time they are exposed.

  • Senita Jauan BooksnBsns

    wont happen- the Christian Africans (real ones) are waaay to powerful in prayer and spirit! better know about it.

  • Steven Ronald Akon

    Fay Ahura Mosque Is NOT World Heritage Site. It is a cult and demonic center. Africa is Black, I am an African and BLACK get lost you idiot Arab slave.

  • Senita Jauan BooksnBsns

    lol! more than Islam? YEAH RIGHT! Christians didnt SELL blacks- and Christianity is not terrorizing Africans- Muslim Arabs have been the oppressors of blacks for milleniums. Time out for the LIES-

  • Senita Jauan BooksnBsns

    good job

  • Tim Conley

    Radical Islam Is getting a taste of it’s intolerance from an area that has been easy prey in the past. This could get interesting.Not only are they not entertaining Shirah Law, they are saying Islam is not a religion.

  • Muhammad Hundee Umar

    i think outside forces want to see Africans fighting Africans, on a even larger scale than now.

  • Cosmo Rana-Iozzi

    What deranged comments… you can’t just ‘ban’ Islam when millions of AFRICANS are Muslims. Sounds like a good way to further entrench differences and divide the population against each other. What about the crazy Christians in Africa like the LRA and the villages that kill people for ‘witchcraft’? Are those going to be banned as well?

  • Fay Ahura

    Nina First step Stop to call Africans ” Black ” Miss Brainy we dont Needs Labels , If u re Uneducated One Solution Check Yr brain ! We have a Civilisation, High Education and Lot of Culture and History So Mosque Is World Heritage Site . Respect Yourself and I repeat Africa dont Needs Idiot Like U Miss Brushing ! So funny Always when I listen American citizens to talk about africa Spcially when The brain are destroy by Hollywood or Fow News ? Where re u For the Rwanda ? Haiti ? Mali ? U cant Buy a dignity Is Like the courage ! Vote for Bush Next Time And stay Far Africa U re Same Bush and the Same Idiot who votes for Obomba Who Kill african Right Now shut Up ! So Africans Muslims U dont respect Them ? U Served and suck Perfectly the system of facist !

  • Steve But

    There is a god …..its about time Africa rids itself this last vestige of colonialism called religion ….imposed on us by enslavers

  • Steven Ronald Akon

    Celso Mhlope Arab barbarism is incomparable! It is funny to see the way you are behaving as intelligent person, you don’t know who are those people commenting here and what they know about Arabs, you are just ballooning yourself as if you know.

  • Nina Simone

    We need that but as long as you have white Arabs thinking they are superior and entitled, it will never happen.

  • Nana Yaw

    Good step. Hope others follow soon.

  • Nina Simone

    What the hell did you just say Fay Ahura?

  • Steven Ronald Akon

    Fay Ahura it looks like some Arab thing is fucking your mind.

  • Samuel Sammy

    I see.

  • Dawn Las Quevas-Allen

    Seems to me Christianity should be banned also as it has had just as detrimental an effect across Africa if not more than Islam! Angola’s wealth has been lining the pockets of rich white Europeans (Portuguese & English) so called Christians to the present day. It certainly ain’t going to the indigenous Angolan!

  • Joe Owens

    Further setting the stage for the clash of Islam and ALL other religions…. “The War of Armageddon”.

  • Alieu Badara Jr.

    It sad that despite all the things we face in Africa especially in Angola, their authorities thinks banning Islam is a top priority. Take a min to recall the war you went through was it cause my muslims.. be your own judge! You can take the airwaves and said wat ever you want abt Islam but you can’t stop the spread of islam. Is a religion of peace, tolarance, Respect and forgiveness. Its just less than .5% people that called themselves muslims that do those bad acts and cover themselves with islam, but in reality they are not muslims.. cuz killing innocent soul is a unforgiven act and no body wit his/her right senses will think a religion can base it’s fundamental principles on such..

  • Freeman Earl Newkirk Jr.

    very good.

  • Ndona Nkembo Da Natureza

    Good news! I will appreciate when the churches will be next!!

  • Paul Sinclair

    Don’t condone much of what is undertaken under the guise of muslim in black Africa such as the atrocities we see in Nigeria, Kenya or other places. And I certainly do oppose the history of Arabs in much of black Africa. But as an atheist who respects people’s rights to observe their religious beliefs, I do believe that this is a step backwards. The world needs tolerance, understanding, and acceptance of differences, even in Africa.

  • Vuyof Jorge

    Arabs should be chased out of Africa .They are rotten beasts

  • Fay Ahura

    in Yr List dont forget Evangelist who Make a desaster In Angola ! No They dont destroy themselves , They Kill Muslims And child but they dont care

  • Victoria Chongolola


  • Zholton C. Hendrix-El

    That should be a ban on the actions of the pale-skinned Arabs, not Islam itself. And given the history of Christianity in Africa, why don’t they go ahead and ban it as well?

  • Lavelle Hines

    I agree with this Islam has killed just as many Africans as Christiany has! Arabs treats blacks just like the whites

  • Fay Ahura

    stop To call Humans with Labels Miss Brainy , Ur brain Is Empty ! Learn Ur story and Respect Yr ancestors ! African Dont Needs Idiot Like that Miss brushing !

  • Keith Carroll

    very interesting! the only problem to me is when a country attempts to ban something, that idea becomes romanticized and some people become obsessed. I hope they tread lightly. Also, Islam is not a bad religion, it has bad actors just like other religions.

  • Andrew Wesley


  • Brandon M. Chapman

    Better the war mongers destroy themselves. I could careless about Islam, Christianity, and Judaism.

  • Brandon M. Chapman

    You’re deluded.

  • Buddy McMillan

    I am not personally anti-Islam, but now those Muslims in Angola are going to experience what Christians in southwest Asian nations are going through. While I was deployed to Iraq, we received several reports of Iraqi Christian men being physically attacked in the streets of their villages and several reports of Iraqi Christian women being raped. Several Iraqi Christians there also complained of having difficulty establishing churches in that country since they would be burnt to the ground soon afterwards. All of that contributed to their leaving that country in droves.

  • Fay Ahura

    Rwanda ? Nairobi ? Yemen ? Cost Ivory ? Soudan , Yemen ? Who Is the responsable ? U dont want to talk about African Mercenaries Who Kill Muslims every Minute over the world Is Top secret , Is better to serve the Interest of the war Or Nato !

  • China Sello Phashe

    Arabs nje they hate Africans its known.

  • Kimani Kamau

    How many tribalists maimed and murdered others in the name of thier religion?..stop acting like Islam dosent hv African roots…

  • Brandon M. Chapman

    Arab Muslims enslaved and tortured Africans. WASPs and Eastern Orthodox/Western Roman Catholics enslaved and tortured Africans. The so-called “Jew” financed it all. Have a thought process before you call someone an Atheist.

  • Nina Simone

    Atleast I have a brain you prick

  • Nina Simone

    Fay Ahura you keep your trap shut, you fucking animal. I will support black Africans to the end.

  • Celso Mhlope

    It is really interesting to see how people take a piece of information and let it cloud their judgments, feed and their fears and bliss ignorance, how is it that in the era of information people are more ignorant and dumber than they ever were…Islam is a religion, a peaceful one in fact, terrorists are not religious people, despite what advocate, Nazi’s justified their action with religion, jewish people justify their action with religion, in the end it had nothing to do with religion…IT NEVER HAS!!!How long will take to realise that?

  • Fay Ahura

    Funny Nina Simone Like Facist ! What the Hell In Ur brain?

  • Fred Murtz

    This man was not an Arab nor did he ever side with them!

  • Fred Murtz

    it is basically a Communist country so they can take what ever stance about religion they want, but it still does not answer why there has been this African attitude of painting everyone of a group with a broad brush! That kind of thinking held us back in the past and will leave us in the past in the future! “All of that tribe is so and so”, “all Muslims are this and that”, “all of the people who speak that language are this kind of way”, “and you know how the people in the northern territories of this nation are”

  • Fay Ahura

    A Real Fanatic And radical Extremist Atheist ? Start with Your brainy !

  • Nina Simone

    You got that right. Since they stepped foot on it and discovered its riches. Africa should be ruled by AFRICANS

  • Nina Simone

    I agree wholeheartedly

  • Pamela Lisboa

    Really? That’s interesting. I think that we should have a look in to the killings that are happening now because of manifestations on the streets of the Luanda and other cities in the country. Apparently an Activist has been killed and many others have been taken to prison. Its happening Angola is waking up to expel an regime of more then 30 years of exploitation of the People.

  • Isaac Lewandowski Oba

    Its about the application. The words have to be made flesh

  • Kenneth Sourie

    We going to get Rid of All African Heads of States!! Because we Know n See the Poverty n Hell n Suffering They Put Our People Through!! Starting with Mugabe.. Evil man!

  • Cheryl Murray

    It will only go underground, like Christianity did years ago.

  • Kenneth Sourie

    People Should have the Right and Freedom to Worship even Rocks!! Witchcraft or Voodoo! Black People Should Know what it Feels Like!! Just the other Day.. We shouting about Christmas face painting in Amsterdam?

  • Marc Mass

    No chance mate !

  • Wayne Porter

    ..hopefully the next step is to strip the followers of thier citizenship and banish them to the Arab savages

  • Kabonge Juma

    am sure this is ajoke cos no one tempers with Islam & just walk away

  • Kiari Williams

    With 80-90k followers of the faith in the country I don’t think it’s just gonna disappear. People will still find ways to worship their faith of choice. This isn’t the 1st time a certain religion has been banned in a country

  • Davis Terigin

    Finally good news coming out of Africa.

  • Angolan Rose

    This will not sit well with religious fanatics. Just to be fair, they have to ban other foreign religions,too. Christianity isn’t a religion of peace either.

  • Brandon M. Chapman

    Good first step. Do the same to churches and synagogues.

  • Jeremy Fain

    All non African religions need to go. All outsiders been unhealthy for Africa

  • Marlone Shaheed Wallace

    Send Islam Underground thats smart.

  • Martin Fonkoua

    Islam has to be bans in Africa.Its a religion of blood.Thanks to Angola

  • Fay Ahura
  • Xander Plat

    Exacly arabs dont see you as muslim but as a dog. And people still wanna be down with them. Look what they are doing to the ethopians in the arab country´s and you wil know why they do this. Im not bashing the islamic religion but the people who follow it and are doing bad against fellow human beings.

  • Nina Simone

    Its their country and since Arabs hate Africans and are over there terrorizing their country they can do whatever they want to those Mosques

  • Stephane Gauze