Ancient Site Reveals Signs Of Mass Cannibalism

  • Mark Luis

    Please it ain’t cannibalism! Europeans are animal like humanoids. Lol

  • Lendl Alfred

    There is little to no evidence that cannibalism exists in Africa, but when you looked at European history, this barbarian act is well documented.

  • John Edebiri

    Interview with the Neanderthals.

  • Bhagavatī Sylvia Hatzl


  • Phoebe Warren

    They were cave ppl before Musa civilized them

  • Charles Watmon

    Fits the picture. And they are gonna start fresh cannibalism sooner than you imagine.

  • Billy Ray Lockett


  • Laveda Glover

    And they have the nerve to call Africans and other native people uncivilized and savages.

  • Maurice D. Lewis

    Nothing new here in regards to Caucasian history

  • Susan Murphy

    Ok, so who are the uncivilized savages?

  • Beatrice Amundala

    Why am I not surprised ?

  • Xaviar St Thomas


  • Litha Nongogo

    Take that!