Basic Points to be checked while Purchasing a Wig

Basic Points to be checked while Purchasing a Wig

A wig is source of covering hair for woman. They use it to cover their thinning hair and to possess many different hair styles. Wigs are available in wide ranges in the market and online stores. There are many types and styles of wigs available in the market which is made up of synthetic fiber and human hair. The main technique lies in the selection of wig which best suits you. There are mainly three types of wigs

Synthetic Wigs

These wigs are made up of synthetic fibers like acrylic and nylon. These are machine made, mass produced and very durable. These are affordable wigs but higher quality wigs look and feel same as the human hair wigs. The only disadvantage with these wigs is they melt down at high temperatures.

Natural Wigs

These wigs are made up of variety of hairs, like Human hair, Horse hair, Wool or Buffalo hair. These are very costly when compared to synthetic hair wigs. The highest quality natural hair wigs are hand-tied with strands matched together so that the shafts of hair are all pointed in the same direction. This makes it a lot easier to style the hair.

Remy Hair Wigs

These hair wigs are also human hair wigs that have cuticle still attached at the ends and aren’t processed. These are strong and last a long time because of their natural strength.

Wig Construction Methods

There are many methods of constructing wigs. Here are three methods out of the available methods

* Stock method

In this method synthetic fiber materials are sewn onto wefts and sewn onto the cap.

* Semi-Custom

In this method synthetic and natural hair wigs are hand tied and partially machine made with fine mesh net on the sides.

* Custom Made

Wigs are made according to measurements given by customers. They can also choose the type of material to be used in this method.

Measuring for a Wig

We have a wide diversity of wigs available in the market in different sizes which range from petite to large. Very small wigs may slip off the scalp and long wig may hang down and look funny. Every woman must consider these measurements before buying a wig.

* Measuring the Circumference

Pull the hair back in a ponytail. Wrap the tape measure around the head at the edge of the hairline, above the ears, and at the bottom of the nape. Pull the tape snug and record the amount.

* Measuring Front to back

Place the end of the measuring tape at the very front of the hairline and run along the top and backside of the head. Measure the tape where it meets the very bottom of the hairline at the nape of the neck and record the number.

* Measuring Ear to Ear

Place one end of the measuring tape against the hair line where it ends just above one ear. Run the tape over the top of the head and down the side of the head to where the hairline ends. Record the number at this point. By following all these above mentioned tips and techniques select the best wig which best suits your head.

To select the wide range of wigs made up of different materials and those which suits you the best please feel free to visit us at any moment.

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