The What, Where, And When of Cape Town South Africa

The What, Where, And When of Cape Town South Africa

The capital of the Western Cape of South Africa is Cape Town. The city is the legislative capital of South Africa and its second most populous city. Cape Town government consists of a city council that is headed by an executive council. Over all of the councils are the executive mayor and city manager. A booming economy, selection of entertainment, interesting history and geographical features make this area of the Western Cape of South Africa a great place to explore.

The Beginning of Cape Town

Evidence from more than twelve thousand years ago indicates a human presence in the area that is now known as Cape Town on the Western Cape of South Africa. Agents of the Dutch East India Company settled the area in 1652 to further develop their trading empire. Because of the intense need for labor the company began to import slaves from Madagascar and Indonesia.

In 1814 this area of the Western Cape of South Africa was given to the British government. From that point on the government experienced a great deal of turmoil. Changes have included the policy of apartheid and the eventual removal of this policy in the city.

Geography and Weather

One of the most populous cities in the Western Cape of South Africa, Cape Town, has a population of nearly three and a half million located within its nine hundred forty-seven square miles. The city is located at the end of the Cape Peninsula and is surrounded by cliffs. Some of the more than seventy cliffs are over one thousand feet high.

Cape Town has a large range of temperature fluctuations. This area of the Western Cape of South Africa has an average high of seventy-two degrees and an average low of fifty-two degrees. The record high for the area is one hundred six degrees and the record low is thirty degrees. The yearly average of precipitation is just over twenty inches. Most of the rain falls during the winter months.

The Cape Town Economy

Cape Town is the center of economy for the Western Cape of South Africa and the regional center of manufacturing. Most of the agricultural goods grown in the area are processed in the industrial areas of the town. Other parts of the town are made up of business districts, which are responsible for a large portion of the job opportunities in the area.

This area of the Western Cape of South Africa has also benefited by hosting the nations governmental seat. The city of Cape Town is the home of the Cape Town International Airport and the Port of Cape Town. Having access to such major transportation centers has helped the economy thrive, especially within the tourism industry.

What to do in Cape Town

Built on top of the Port of Cape Town docks is the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront. This is one of the most popular Western Cape of South Africa tourist destinations. The Two Oceans Aquarium as well as hundreds of shops are located within the complex. Other popular activities for locals and tourists alike are the various sports clubs located within the city. Rigby, cricket and football all have their own stadiums and loyal fans.

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