Cool 3 Things to try in Safari in South Africa

Cool 3 Things to try in Safari in South Africa

For extreme and a different kind of escapade, safari in south africa is a must see. Africa, other than its reputation as the cradle of civilization and the sponsor of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, is also known for the nation with one of the largest expanse of virgin forests that serves as a habitat for free-roaming wildlife and fowls, a good number of them are only seen in African forests.

Different from any other parts of the African continent though, South Africa is the most accessible and one of the most modern regions in the continent because of its new transportation system, its exemplary facilities and recently-built attractions, and a host of congenial and amiable inhabitants-a perfect destination for tourists and guests coming from busy cities all across the world. The rainbow nation as they brand it, is where you can experience different kinds of adventures and escapades the sort of which you can never imagine possible.

Among one of the top 3 things you must try to do in safari in south africa is the open-van traverse on the wide south African game reserves where you can have an open and up-close view of the roaming beasts against the breathtaking south African landscape. The Kruger National Park is one of the largest game reserves in the area and is one of the most popular destinations for families. Children especially could have an amazing opportunity to meet up-close animals that are usually seen on cage and television back home. The big five game animals are the rhino, the elephant, lions, leopard and the buffalo. The Kruger Park can offer standard to luxury safari service depending on the family’s budget.

The luxury tour includes a drive in a plush train where you can behold the remarkable sceneries inherent only in South Africa. In terms of accommodation, facilities and conveniences are also varied upon the preferences and the family’s means. For honeymooners particularly, a pair could prefer to experience an exclusive and solitary seclusion amongst the Vuyani Lodge honeymoon suites complete with a safari package. In which they could have a try with the second best thing they have got to experience in Africa, a cruise in the Blyde River Canyon, the earth’s third greatest canyon.

The Blyde River Canyon is the world’s largest “green canyon” because of its rich foliage which is a home for different kinds of primates and birds which you can glimpse upon when you take on the cruise ship along the streaming waters of the canyon. The Blyde River is also a habitat for crocodiles, hippos and a variety of fish where you can freely see as you go along the cruise.

Unlike what most people say, safari in south africa is more than a land of elephant back rides. At this point, the third and the last ultimate “must-do” thing you must definitely try is the hot-air balloon ride. What is different from this hot-air balloon adventure compared to any places is that you can have a breathtaking view of the wide and vast expanse of the whole South African game reserves. Definitely no other place could equal that.

Make your pulse beat and blood rush with all the excitement in safari in south africa. Safari holidays 2011 promises a new excitement of fun and adventure you have never seen before. Tour around the city in luxury and opulence.

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