Discover Why You Should Choose Danube Delta For Your Next Bird Watching Adventure

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by guano

Discover Why You Should Choose Danube Delta For Your Next Bird Watching Adventure

Bird watching is one of those great activities where you get out there in the middle of nature to enjoy the scenery and wildlife, and getting a breath of fresh air at the same time. As a nature enthusiast and especially if you’ve been birding for a while, you’re always looking for new places to visit and get a glimpse of the local bird population.

Well, did you know that Europe has one more little gem that you probably overlooked? As everybody who’s seen it knows, it could easily be called a ‘bird paradise’? I’m talking about the Danube Delta. It is the second largest delta in Europe and, from March to October, the bird capital of the world.

For any bird watcher, this is one of those great spots which must be visited at least once in a lifetime. The sheer number of bird species that you’ll find here will make a week long holiday seem much too short.

Danube Delta is the breeding ground for most of the migrating birds that come from the Nile delta and other wet regions of Africa during the summer, which means that starting from March up until late October, there is mind boggling diversity of birds of all shapes, sizes and colors in here. 331 different species in fact, according to the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Administration.

The most recognizable of all is the White Pelican. Over half the world population lives here, making it the symbol of the Danube Delta. Spend just an hour or two in here and you’ll definitely run into one of the many pelican colonies that live here, quietly fishing and playing on the endless water lily covered lakes. This summer I had a chance of flying a small plane over Sfantu Gheorghe and in less than ten minutes, I could see four different colonies on an area that was no larger than a few kilometers.

The Dalmatian Pelican is also one of the common visitors that you’ll run into. Although in much smaller numbers, they’re still very common and birdwatchers seek them passionately.

The Great White Egret is another important winged inhabitant of these places. Almost three quarters of the European population lives and breeds here. You can see it everywhere: from a small pontoon in any of the villages to some of the most isolates spots in the marshes. It’s definitely not one of the shy birds around, so you’ll get plenty of chances to get close.

I could not talk about the Danube Delta without mentioning the Pygmy Cormorant, easily one of the most common birds around. 61 percent of the global population is found here all year round. Last winter, because of the cold and thick ice, some even went into the cities and villages to find food. And they eat a lot of fish… so much in fact that they often get in conflict with the local fishermen.

These were just a few of the many birds you’d have the pleasure of witnessing during a bird watching trip in Danube Delta. So why not start packing right now? There’s so much more to see here that you’ll want to come again and again.

Eugen Lisov is one of the many people who are in love the Danube Delta. Visit his website to find out more about this small corner of paradise and get fresh tips about bird watching opportunities and much more.