Egyptian Jewelry – Gift For a Pharaoh

Egyptian Jewelry – Gift For a Pharaoh

Gold has been an important part of world’s history. It has been in the middle of the most remarkable stories of love, lust, hate, murder, happiness… You name it. Today, when the humanity has apparently ridded of at least some of its greed, gold jewelry is mainly a matter of fashion, something to feed your pride or show your status. Gold and all things glittery have captured peoples’ imagination in various bizarre ways for thousands of years. Starting from ancient Egyptian people and ending with the alchemists working during the Dark Age, people have tried to unravel the mystery of gold and to break its code. Has anyone succeeded? No but it occurs that the ancient Egyptian people were pretty close to unscrambling the puzzle.

For ancient Egyptian people items of jewelry had a different meaning. They faithfully believed that lapis-lazuli, turquoise and other precious substances would have supernatural qualities and that they in some way could guard them from malevolent spirits, evil spells and illnesses.

To a degree this tradition has been kept alive to this very day – now even some scientists have found that natural substances do have some vibration, energy or subtle attributes that are impossible to describe using modern science terms. Each substance – especially as chemically multifarious as natural ores and gems – has its own rate of vibration or frequency. Possibly any vibration can have an effect on an energy field of a person.

It is not easy to pick the right ornament to wear since it is important to carefully listen to one’s inner voice and utilize intuition to pick a gem that not only would look good around your neck but also would enhance your energy vibe. There are many guides around that claim to help you detecting the correct sort of gems matching your soul, however, metal – not only gold but also silver and pewter – can have a beneficial influence on almost everyone.

Ancient Egyptian jewelry in its original account represented gods and goddesses. Today, talking about replicas, most popular gods are Kefer – the Scarab and Bastet, Isis and Osiris among others. Today’s versions of ancient Egyptian ornaments are quite similar to their historical counterparts only now available to everyone – not only to pharaohs. Egyptian jewelry maintains its popularity thanks to the advance of Kemet – revival of Egyptian religion.

Ancient people thought it was important, which parts of the body an ornament is worn on. A necklace was believed to protect the heart and improve the creativity. A ring around a finger would be used for protection. There were many other types of ornaments that have unfortunately lost their usability now – special items were worn around forehead, ankles, around the waist and even on the shoulders.

Gold for the ancient people was the symbol of eternal life and dignity. It was the attribute of a king. Now many people think that the price of gold is too high. There is an easy way to bust the prices and still feel like a pharaoh. Gold-plated jewelry items is the answer that is available at pocket-money budgets. Gold-plated cat necklaces and ankh amulets make great gifts and can be integrated in any style.

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