Ethiopian Kids Hack Tablet PCs With No Training Or Instructions

  • jayjbee

    The article is an insult to peoples intelligence.

    You mean to tell me the clothes they are wearing have no labels? Tafuq outa here with these aid organisations exaggerating over Africa. Plus I don’t expect that much of a tool from Motoralla’s Zoom from experience with these ‘every child a tablet / computer projects’. They are keeping our people short with shortcoming materials and tools making our people believe technology stops at a way lower level than in the west. Too many proverbs that describe deception over these kind of practices.

    Not to say African ingenuity is NOT top of the bill: IT IS! I myself go by the slogan ‘Building skyscrapers with a stick and a stone’ as I manage to do valuable stuff with practically nothing –> inspired by our people, especially the children making anything out of garbage back home.
    Once I started making trips to mainland Africa (I’m from Cape Verde) the slogan got wings. Or maybe I should put it this way: ‘Building tablets with sand and ore’.

  • I’m baffled that the people associated with OLPC thought that the children would just play with a closed box, as if they are idiots. SMH

  • I didn’t know that before Rwanda, the Belgian pale devils killed 10Million Congolese.

  • Payback for this:

  • Payback
    For this:

  • the original people know our way around stolen ideas.

  • They are born with the knowledge! Kids are smarter than we often think!

  • But impressive

  • Low level hacking i would say

  • That is what they did Mr. Love they hacked the Operating System to enable features on the PC.

  • Read the story and very interesting. However what is meant by hacking? It gives an impression that these kids have hacked in terms of programming or hacking into a system