The Ethiopian Prince And The English Savage

  • Tray-Tray Boonmonkey

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    Englishmen have never been incestual cannibals. Ethiopians often ate their own children, mated with bonobos/chimpanzees, and to this day still practice infanticide. Stupid dumb gross nigger beasts.

  • Son of David-King of Zion!

  • His father is the pride of Ethiopia and his son was one of the country’s greatest lost, they can keep the treasure send his remains back that’s all Ethiopians want, as a Ethiopian and knowing my history it is a false statement that they say King Tewodros imprisoned the English because of him trying to get help against the Egyptions, he knew that the missionary’s sent by England were spy’s, all of Africa was carved up, Ethiopia was the last one left to colonise so they needed spy’s to infiltrate, he was aware of that and imprisoned them and told Queen Victoria he would trade them back for arms, that’s when she sent the expedition from English-India to Ethiopia and that’s when he killed his self for his country, knowing if he gave his hand’s to the English he would have also in essence gave his country’s hands to the Enlgish, he is the pride of all black people!

  • Prince Alemayehu Tedros.

  • Everyday I learn something new about our people. This is our history

  • like to see a movie on this story

  • Very interesting article about this young prince

  • It was his moms wish for him to go with the British to be fair..but the whole British expedition to Ethiopia was strange indeed…