Ethiopian Woman Beaten, Raped By Egyptian Arab

  • Louisy Julien

    Time for Ethiopia to retake the land from these fuckers!!!!

  • Marlone Shaheed Wallace

    We take too much shit from these assholes, when we gonna man up and start ripping heads of bodies..

  • Marlone Shaheed Wallace


  • Phonix AfricanChild

    Because Ethiopia is going to thirst them. Tell Egyptians to wait until we accomplish building our Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

  • Jeremiah Woodside


  • Khalid Mohammed

    I’m so glad that there’s others who feel the same way i do. It’s a moral duty for Black Americans to fight repression. I will be right over there fighting with you. We wont be the first Black Americans to enlist in the Ethiopian Military

  • Elbert Legette

    Women are being raped all over the world!!! Silence is “Betrayal”!!!!

  • Fred Rhoden

    Wilson Henry

  • Reider Williams

    i will contact the african union for more details

  • Rosa Kamson


  • Gerald Woodard

    Is Egypt about go to war with Ethiopia? If so how would one go about enlisting in the Ethiopian Army????