Europeans Must Leave South Africa!

  • ರಘು ನಂದನ

    No African will return back to Africa even though financially capable of doing so, since they won’t be able to live the quality of life you will be living America there. Stop blaming whites for bringing you people to America. How long do you play the blame game. How many African kids make to high school. How many black people are depending on social security even though they are capable of working not that others don’t do it but look at the percentage.

  • ರಘು ನಂದನ

    The reason behind my comment was to stress on lerarning to co-exist peacefully.

  • ರಘು ನಂದನ

    Will all African Americans who are commenting here as if they are righteous will return back to Africa since you people are righteous and are living on the land of red Indians?

  • Richard Høy

    To the original poster, what kind of stupidity are you trying to promote? White people are not NATIVE to America, so what makes you think they’ve got any more right being there than Africans? Read some history, you imbecile.

  • Richard Høy

    How bout just sending them all back to Eurasia, from whence they came? Non-African peoples have no business being in Africa, no exceptions!

  • Christopher Scott

    I feel bad for the human race in general. No progress can come from this page, the views and ideas come from such an ugly and vicious mind.

  • Fabrice Bisengimana

    racist statement…and I’m black.If europeans said the same we would cry racism…

  • Brian Johnson

    We were here first. Don’t believe all of the white man’s lies.

  • Brian Johnson

    What the hell is an Afro American? Leave it to a non Black to try to.take.the.African.out.

  • Dorothy Goldsmith

    They are ready to go the have raped literally the people the air and the earth for all the man made wealth it posses gold diamonds, minerals changed to ability to feed them selves built game parks killing animals, brought plagues and disease. Set up false governments created a culture of genocide there as well. America has partnered with France, Germany Switzerland and China using the Arabian, and West Indian leadership to help them in their conquest I’ve African in their homeland. They should be striped of the wealth thru have stolen as it should be made mandatory they leave. What good has their presence done Africa or African’s

  • Ras Kassa

    Every one should return to their Creator given ancestral homeland, the Creator gaves each people their own land, its time all europeans were moved out of Afrakan soil!!

  • Rick Roll

    This is not white Europeans country, if we have to leave white people have to leave. All white people should be kicked out of Africa Australia and north America.

  • Denise Nicholson

    WAKE UP AFRICA GET RID OF THEM AND THOSE BOOTLEG CHINESE what the Europeans didn’t take or destroy the Chinese will don’t give them citizenship or land rights

  • Cornell Mctier

    ”Afro americans” were brought here. We are prisoners of war. We didnt have a choice. Those european descendents of invaders are not african. If they feel uncomfortable then leave. They have no buisness even being there yet here in america they cry about immigration

  • Timothy S Moore

    we have to own our business and own our gun shop

  • Frank Boom

    Did you actually read the article? The title is provocative, but it doesn’t say White South Africans must leave. It talks about those White South-Africans whose sense of citizenship based on a multiracial South-Africa is clearly lacking. Those South African who cling to the idea of a nation of White South-Africans, those who in their heart long for Little Europe. And yes they should leave, go live in the Netherlands or England then if you want to live in a “White” nation. (Eventhough they’re not really white anymore)

  • Shivambulamakhutla The-mbambos Isaac

    Only afro Americans never chose to go to America they were shipped there against their will.

  • ರಘು ನಂದನ

    African globe congratulations for spewing venom, going by your logic white Americans have to put the gun on all afro Americans is it?

  • Anissa Lasley


  • Maurice D. Lewis

    Put guns to they head and get them outta there

  • Shakka Zulu

    They’re not South African, they’re Europeans, invaders and needs to be treated as the damn invaders that they are

  • Rirhandzu Mlondobozi

    Before they are forced to leave by the barrel of a gun.

  • Rickey Holliday

    The track