Israel’s Govt Move To Outlaw Secret Program Of Sterilizing Ethiopian Jews

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  • Asis Mabili Kazi

    white supremacy is a powerful drug!

  • Asis Mabili Kazi

    white supremacy is a powerful drug!

  • Lamar Callaghan Cally

    Shyt man

  • Marcus Bethel

    Lamar Callaghan Cally

  • Lawrence Lector

    Keith Burke

  • Thembinkosi Mali

    Fake Jews sterilising real Jews, interesting .

  • Thembinkosi Mali

    Fake Jews sterilising real Jews, interesting .

  • Paul Hickman

    Now, do you understand the term, ” Wondering Jew”? Born in America, but still would have loved to have been repatriated back to Africa years ago. Ethiopia is a mainly Coptic Orthodox Christian Country –my guess is they are uncomfortable there and decided to go back to their Motherlands. Not knowing that there they were going to encounter the vile behavior carried there from some of the most vile racist countries on this cosmos. I have met many Ethiopian and they are some of the most peaceful and humane people on this planet.

  • Paul Hickman

    The leading tribe of the 12 tribes will never have peace for their vile behavior towards and on the Ethiopian Jews one of the 12 tribes that Jesus asked them to be more like. And, they will crawl on their bellies to Ethiopia for refuge one day. #SeeingTheDayligntWithACandle….

  • Cordell Salathial Thompson

    Strange behavior from a people who were nearly persecuted to extinction Maybe St. Paul was right..

  • Khalid Mohammed


  • Iris Nixon

    If they are sterilizing Ethiopian women, you can also imagine what-else they are capable of doing? Shmd ……and, they parade around as if they are so squeaky clean. K

  • Dauid Ben Dauid

    Dogs. We will survive and prosper.

  • Jabril Farrakhan

    Is this supposed to be news? DNA can’t lie. Google Buba Clan of the Lemba People and find out about the Y chromosome of these men carrying the genetic marker for the tribe of Levi, and then holla back at a Brother like Jabril.

  • Vincent Vin
  • Greta Mellerson

    They are trying to get rid of Tribes of Benjamin, Judah, and Levi…. but Yahweh is protecting them and the time is drawing near, keep watch

  • Eagle Eye Dimensions

    You are a disgrace to humanity. The truth will have no mercy on these thugs.

  • Alex DaGreat


  • Abdishakur Abdulahi

    These Jews in Israel are not the real ones.they people from Eastern European.

  • Yemisi Bamigbade

    If you don’t want black color why go airlift them from their ancestral homeland under a “use and dump” pretext? #crazy folks

  • Anthony Fuja

    Absolute S.C.U.M these fakes ! But I don’t get Jewish Ethiopians can a people who do this be a people of God ? Yet you fight tooth and nail to get into Israel / you call it your original home land and migrate back which you are being persecuted in ? There is not even one news reel covering it where government funded mass sterlisation and genocide. Sounds like one of the biggest Nazi states of all ! Absolutely disgusting!

  • Linwood Thomas

    Inhumane animals. Just like white america. Returning to neanderthal instincts.

  • Khnum Ray-El

    Isreal needs to be destroyed. Then rebuilt.