Letter From King Leopold II To Colonial Missionaries Heading To Africa, 1883

Belgian Atrocities In Congo
Ling Leopold’s atrocities against the Congolese people

To rid Japan of that danger, in the late 16th century, the Shoguns began their expulsion of Portuguese and Spanish missionaries on the grounds that they were forcing Japanese to become Christian, teaching their disciples to wreck temples, taking and trading slaves, etc.

Then, in 1596, it became clear to the Japanese authorities that Christianization had been a prelude to Spanish conquest of other lands; and Letter from King Leopold II of Belgium to Colonial Missionaries, 1883 it quickly dawned on them that a fifth column loyal to Rome and controlled by the priests of a foreign religion was a clear and present danger to the sovereignty of a newly unified Japan. Soon after, the persecution and suppression of Japanese Christians began.

Early in the 17th century, sensing the danger from a creed that taught obedience to foreign priests rather than the Japanese authorities, all missionaries were ordered to leave and all Japanese were ordered to register at the Buddhist temples. When Japanese Christians took part in a rebellion, foreign priests were executed, the Spanish were expelled and Japanese Christians were forbidden to travel abroad. After another rebellion, largely by Christians, was put down, the Japanese Christians were suppressed and their descendants were put under close state surveillance for centuries thereafter.

In the 1640s all Japanese suspected of being Christians were ruthlessly exterminated. Thus did Japan, by 1650, save itself from the first European attempt to mentally subvert, conquer and colonize it.

4] The African captives who were taken abroad and enslaved, and the Africans at home after the European conquest, having already been forcibly deprived of their autonomy, were in no political position to resist Christianization. Thus the Christianity still practised in all of the African American diaspora, just as that in the African homeland since the start of the 20th century, continues to carry out the Leopoldian mandate.

Hence, for example, whereas the White Born-Again Christians of the USA, when in the US Navy ships in WWII, sang:

“Praise the Lord,

And pass the ammunition,” the attitude of African Born-Again converts today is best summed up as:

“Praise the Lord,

And lie down for the manna.”

Thanks to a century or more of this Leopold-mandated missionary mind control, African Christians are not an activist,  self-helping, economically engaged, politically resolute, let alone militant bunch. Hence their putting up with all manner of mistreatment and exploitation by their mis-rulers, White and Black.

The most they are disposed to do to their misrulers is to admonish them to “Fear God!” – as one protester’s miserable placard read in a recent demonstration in Lagos, Nigeria. The idea of an uprising to tame their misrulers is alien to the religiously opiated frame of mind of the Nigerians.

5] The lesson in the contrast between an Africa that the Christian missionaries brainwashed and subverted, and a Japan where this brainwashing and subversion was forcibly prevented, is stark and clear.

What then must Africans of today begin to do to save themselves from brainwashing by their White World enemies here on earth? – That is the question.


By; Eunice Barber

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  • I repeat Africanglobe.net is in a perfect position to present material to make us think, to want to work towards correcting issues but then they must be responsible, check their sources etc. The last thing we need for them to behave like the major Western news networks who indeed expect us to believe every item of nonsense they put out, and want us to believe. Colonialism/Capitalism/the Free Market terror remains upon us and has affected the entire world, not Africa alone. We have a giant fight ahead and we need credible sources – so all in all, I think you and I are on the same page Rosi DeJean.

  • It is very simple to verify the history of the African nations under European colonialism. Simply type King Leopold II on the Internet and that same letter will surface. I read it long before Africanglobe posted. It’s a shame that the genocide of Africans can be dismissed by white people, meanwhile the genocide of Jews are everyday headlines. The Jews are still demanding justice and prosecution of anyone who participated in Hitler’s criminal rampage during WWII. Well, if Africanglobe loses one reader, I think the site will still survive. Good riddance.

  • I agree we must make them afraid to do evil to us and think they can get away from it

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  • I have written that King Leopold II should indeed be dug up and hung along with most of the other kings and queens, his cousin Victoria included but I doubt that the letter is real. Africanglobe.net is in such a great position to disseminate accurate and thinking activism but always they seem to mess it up with junk. Please provide a link proving this letter as it stands to say I am wrong.

  • don’t forget tha he killed 10 Million Congolese. Reference made to The Congo free state .

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  • The same destructive tactic against African people is stronger than ever. Africans need to rise against this destructive force and defend their rights to live on earth peacefully and free of threat from anyone.


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  • When Minister Farrakhan talked about “Dirty Religion”, this is what he probably meant.

  • and our society had more christian love..e.g love for the extended famliy, love for senior citizens, which they diidnt practise themselves. How can we accept ourselves to be torn apart by religion? SHAME on us!!

  • Africans already knew God before religions.If only we could shake off all the stuff they put in our brains…Now of all places Africa became religion war land…Shame on us.

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  • That was the only thing the horrible man got right. Africans were still in the blessed position of listening to their ancestors, following the original commandments, learning as they went along.

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