How Powerful Is Ethiopia?

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Ethiopia is Africa’s oldest country and with tensions rising with its neighbor Eritrea, we were wondering just how powerful is Ethiopia?

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Ethiopia ‘launches military attack inside Eritrea’…

“Ethiopian forces have launched a military assault on positions inside Eritrea, Ethiopian officials have said.”

Ethiopia country profile – overview…

“Ethiopia is Africa’s oldest independent country and its second largest in terms of population.”

If we want to understand African history, we need to understand the Battle of Adwa…

“The northern Ethiopian town of Adwa is the place my grandfather called home.”


How Powerful Is Ethiopia?


  1. It is the typical nature of Eritreans to brag and lie, keep lying but, in the battle field you are a dead meat. You will never live at peace in that barren land called Eritrea while holding Ethiopian port. We will wipe you out of the map!!! LONG LIVE ETHIOPIA!!!

  2. To understand how powerful Ethiopia is you need to understand from where they are supported. Ethiopia lost the war against Eritrea after a 30 years war. While this time they was supported by the USA, Russia and even Israel. Read: “Against all odds”… or “I didn’t do it for you by Michaela Wrong” also Noam Chomsky and Vlichtek wrote something in that case. Ethiopia also has an inside problem with their ethnic group called “Oromo”. You need more than the mainstream (propaganda)media to understand what the problem is.

  3. The ball is in Ethio’s court. They need new ideology or direction in how they deal with their neighbors. I think they have become a little to dependent on their reputation, as touted by white, international investors.
    Mark my words. Ethiopia will not survive with out bringing Eritrea, Somalia and the whole of the Horn into their sphere of influence. Putin is a good example of how leadership should mix hard and soft power. Ethiopia has to flex her economic muscles along with her military might. Ethiopia cannot really call itself a power until the secure more warmwater ports. The Indian Ocean will be the center of the world over the next century. Ethiopia and the greater East African state has to squash the beefs that create all of the insecurity in places like Somalia. I mean, just think about that. Kenya and Ethiopia are the two giants of the East. Yet, they both deal with the insecurity of their sister-country (Somalia) next door. Is it because Somalia is just a hell? No. It is because Ethiopia (and Kenya) don’t properly execute statecraft.

  4. Second strongest army on the continent. Strong economy. But they do not understand statecraft. They should do EVERYTHING to bring Eritrea in to their sphere of influence without conflict. Eritrea can easily be used against Ethiopia by her enemies (Egypt, Israel, etc.)