President Mugabe’s Former Teacher Dies

AFRICANGLOBE – President Mugabe’s former teacher, Sekuru Oscar Munyoro Katsukunya (120) has died. Katsukunya, who could have been one of the world’s oldest people, died in his sleep this morning, at his son Emmanuel’s house in Chitungwiza.

President Mugabe's Former Teacher Dies
President Mugabe greeting his former teacher.

In an interview, Emmanuel Munyoro Katsukunya said he suspected his father to have died of old age.

“He died today around 5 o’clock in the morning. He was bed ridden for the past year and we believe his death is due to old age.

President Mugabe's Former Teacher Dies
Sekuru Oscar Munyoro Katsukunya was one of the world’s oldest persons.

“He complained headaches or pain in his legs but because of his advanced age we believe he has finally taken his place with God. He has rested.”

Sekuru Katsukunya, whose exact age was a topic for debate when his story broke into the news, taught President Mugabe and his late cousin, nationalist James Chikerema Sub A at Kutama.