Say Hello to Rwanda silverback gorillas

Say Hello to Rwanda silverback gorillas

If you are a nature lover and seeking solace in the arms of nature, Rwanda, located at the heart of East Africa, is the place to be. An extremely beautiful country of lakes, rivers and springs, the lush green rainforests and grasslands will soothe your eyes like never before. The high mountains with active as well as extinct volcanoes and the rare flora and fauna will leave you awestruck. Plan your Rwanda tourism to give yourself amazing time and memories.
This mountainous land is split by the Rift Valley. Popularly known as “Mille Collines” or land of a thousand hills, Rwanda is dominated by mountain range from north to south. The mountains are the habitat of around 480 gorillas and are a major tourist attraction. The habitat covers the international borders of Rwanda, Uganda and DROC. When you plan our visit to Rwanda, do not miss out Rwanda mountain gorilla trekking. The gorilla trek is immensely adventurous and interesting. When you will look at the eyes of the mountain gorillas, he will return an intelligent, thoughtful gaze. If you are lucky, a young gorilla with full of curiosity might come near you playfully.

The climb to the natural habitat of gorillas is simply exhilarating. The shady bamboo forest offers mesmerizing views in each and every direction. The mysterious rainforests wake up with the chirping of beautiful and colourful birds and you will also not miss out the chattering of rare golden monkey. A large silverback male gorilla weighs up to 200kg. It must be mentioned here that the mountain gorillas are up to three times the size of a human being and are noticeably tolerant of human visitors. Rwanda silverback gorilla tours are operated throughout the year but during the rainy season, hiking gets a bit difficult. December to February and June to the middle of September are the best months for gorilla trekking.
Apart from mountain gorillas, one can also spot leopard, chimpanzees, monkeys, bushbuck, waterbuck, giant forest hog, bush pig, spotted hyena and many other wild animals. Squirrel and dormouse are also seen.

The three areas of interest to visitors that come to Rwanda are the Virunga Volcanoes, the Kagera National Park and the region around Lake Kivu.

The island of Reunion provides variety of places to stay. A place of stay can be chosen according to your taste and preference and most importantly your budget. The deluxe hotels will tickle your lavish senses while the budget ones ensure you cosy and comfortable stay at affordable prices. The west coast which is in and around Saint Gilles and in the south in Saint Pierre has the maximum number of accommodation.

In Rwanda, people prefer simple food made of local ingredients. Corn, sweet potatoes, millet, peas and fruits constitute the main diet the locals. Sweet potatoes and porridge make the traditional breakfast. During your Rwanda tour, you will find that your dinner is the heaviest of all meals. Do not miss out the locally made beer there.
The official languages of Rwanda are English, Kinyarwanda and French and Bantu or Kinyarwanda is spoken by the common men.

During the Rwanda tours, you can definitely do some nice shopping. Check out items such as tribal clay statuettes, masks and charms and woven baskets.

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