South Africa Is Not An African Country

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South Africa Not An African Country
South Africa’s economy is still in the hands o White settlers

AFRICANGLOBE – Not too long ago, I used to call some Black people, especially of African descent, “coconuts”. Also, I have espoused thoughts and ideas that claim to represent “Black authenticity”.

And, of course, this got me into trouble with people who not only felt indignant and insulted by this label, but questioned this kind of thinking.

It suggested that they were, essentially, White people inside who were trapped in Black skins outside.

In practical terms, it meant that they had bought completely into the notion of White supremacist cultural superiority and allowed themselves to be brainwashed to believe that to be somebody, they had to speak, dress, behave, and act and think like White people.

Of course, the notion of a White race does not exist except as a social construct, but this will be a matter for another day.

For the past 20 years or so I have been critically examining the way of life of so-called “Black African people”, especially in the urban areas.

In some way, I have been privileged to gain access into the heart and soul of the rising Black middle class, that is, people who have a bit of money, position and power and who have been able to move up the social and economic ladder because of government connections or corporate success.

Again, the notion of the “Black African” middle class is yet another misleading social construct to make us believe that Africans own property and means of production when they are, largely, just white-collar workers.

But that, too, is a matter for another day.

For a very long time now, I have found myself thinking hard about what constitutes the true identity of an authentic African person, if there is such a person in a diverse society.

What I have tried to do is to bring together the prevalent Western cultural experience around me and fuse it with what could pass for African.

But my circumstances and realities have made me realise the impossibility of this little effort or experiment in true cultural integration.

Of course, in no time, I was in some kind of collision without quite knowing it with the language, culture, history and heritage of Western life on African soil.

There is little that is African about this African country located on the southern edge of the African continent. It would have been a truly meaningful and inspirational experience for me, as an African, to find the spirit of the African continent in my new democratic country, but it does not exist. It is not in government or pervasive in business and general society.

Perhaps the very idea of an African country or experience is just a romantic idea that exists only in the ideal; to be found among those in nostalgia. In reality it does not exist. At least, not here and now, especially when you use the successful as a measurement of African achievement.

This is something I have come to recognise without knowing that I recognise it or what it means.

Many years ago, I was on sabbaticals in Washington DC, New York and London that provided me with an opportunity to really examine what it meant to be African.

It was way back in the 1990s when, for the first time, I realised that I had not lived in Africa, although my country, South Africa, was geographically located there.

Instead, my intuitive connection to America was almost natural.

The assumption that South Africa is an African country simply because it is in Africa is wrong.

But this was an assumption of people I was surrounded with, including leaders, business people, musicians, writers, priests, artists, teachers, activists and other professionals whom I looked up to.

I have, at an unconscious level, come to accept that South Africans, especially the privileged, are the New Negroes outside of America. We can identify and relate to Barack and Michelle Obama and their family more than we identify with President Gedleyihlekisa Zuma.

South Africans are a fatally different breed of dark-skinned people who are in deep trouble because they continually have thought themselves out of existence in the name of globalisation or progress. Presumably, this is the post-Black age where your skin colour does not determine your identity, history or heritage.

For the past three and a half centuries, not only have the privileged Africans allowed themselves to be alienated from their own history, heritage, culture and languages, but have collaborated in wiping out their identity.

Obviously, the conquering of African people by Westerners has not completely defeated the former, but there is no way that any African who lived before 1652 could still recognise this country as an African country.

If they were to visit this country which is now supposedly under African majority rule, they would wonder about the way I am and think what I am thinking which is, obviously, a dangerous kind of thinking.

But South Africans are the New Negroes outside of America because when you critically examine their identity, languages, heritage and history, there is little – except for small pockets in the rural areas – that says they are Africans.

In fact, we are… er, not just Americanised, but too Western. We have become a loyal satellite of Europe. Again, all this is in the name of progress or globalisation.

Obviously, we now live in what is popularly known as the global village and are expected to do as… er, the Americans do.

But I have looked at the historical mirror of my people and what I have seen looking back at me are ancestors with eyes radiating great wonder and great contempt (sic), at the same time.

They, too, are confused and bewildered by this diversity.

I do not imagine Pan-Africanists like Kwame Nkrumah or Robert Sobukwe would be delighted with what they would see.

This is not the Africa they envisioned.


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  1. I believe that the Souls and Spirits of Africans, in South Africans, have been brutalized and degraded by the history of violence and abuse they have endured at the hands of Evil Devils and that it is the internalisation of that VIOLENCE which is now manifesting itself outwards on to themselves and their brothers and sisters from other parts of the continent.

  2. So what’s the way forward? So far it’s been condemnation and I don’t think that will go a long way…

  3. @Zandisile…Stop beating and killing black foreigners.. Stop selling out fellow African states at the UN Security Council… Is that too much to ask 20 years after independence

  4. Kudzanai Shito what is it do you want South Africa should learn from countries that were liberated before her? You must also bear in mind that we are talking about a negotiated settlement. In our 20 years of democratic dispensation what is a reasonable expectation from fellow Africans?

  5. You’re going about this the wrong way brother someone might actually read your angry comments and think everything you are saying is true. Most people will take your word for all this and not do their own research to validate your statements. First of it’s not all South Africans that are xenophobic trust me it makes me sick to my stomach to be called a South African at times. But your verbal diarrhea isn’t helping the situation because I don’t hear any solutions instead you’re destroying and attacking every African South African to make yourself feel better.

  6. its not divisive but the truth is being told…. When a people target others for commiting a crime of being black in SA then why should anyone keep quiet…

  7. its not divisive but the truth is being told…. When a people target others for commiting a crime of being black in SA then why should anyone keep quiet…

  8. Show me where i supported the violence in Africa? Show me where i supported any form of violence in Nigeria? You are playing your sick game of denial and avoidance again…. No one on this platform condones tribal violence and religious terrorism in the same way no one shud expect thetargeting of Africans in SA for being foreigners… So what you are saying is simply because there is Boko Haram,South Africans should do as they please here and kill our people and we say nothing So simply because there is Boko Haram in Nigeria i should keep quiet when my countryman are butchered in cold blood because the only crime they committed is being a black foreigner?? Add to that white foreigners are not even touched… To me it appears for some sick and explicable reason black South Africans have an axe to grind with Africans on the continent.. They chose to support the bombing of Libya and South Africa is responsible for the mess we see in Libya right now because of its vote in the Security Council.. You want us to say nothing about that when you disregard AU resolutions and you side with Western countries that seek our death and destruction.. You never know next you will vote for Zimbabwe to be bombed in the UNSC…I’m only acting out of self preservation here

  9. Show me where i supported the violence in Africa? Show me where i supported any form of violence in Nigeria? You are playing your sick game of denial and avoidance again.. So simply because there is Boko Haram in Nigeria i should keep quiet when my countryman are butchered in cold blood because the only crime they committed is being a black foreigner?? Add to that white foreigners are not even touched… To me it appears for some sick and explicable reason black South Africans have an axe to grind with Africans on the continent.. They chose to support the bombing of Libya and South Africa is responsible for the mess we see in Libya right now because of its vote in the Security Council.. You want us to say nothing about that when you disregard AU resolutions and you side with Western countries that seek our death and destruction.. You never know next you will vote for Zimbabwe to be bombed in the UNSC…I’m only acting out of self preservation here

  10. Then we are working across purposes…If democracy means we remain squatters in our own land and be a permanent underclass and 9% of a population that happen to be white control 80% of land and wealth,then i dont want it.. I choose economic empowerment for our people..We fought an economic system and we failed dismally to dislodge it because we where baited with this so called democracy… Do you think if we had our land and money we would be worried that a white man doesnt want me to use the same toilet he uses?? The biggest issue black people in SA face has never and will never be migration… 80% of the population controlling about 15% of land and wealth is the primary issue.. Migration is a diversion you want to bait us with

  11. Gordon…you claim i insult you and yet our people where killed by black South africans in cold blood??? Where exactly have i insulted you when i state a fact that you killed black Africans in cold blood whilst white people walked free…

  12. @Gordon…You won the war on the system??? Thats statement right there shows that either you are another white person sympathetic to Aphatheid or just an ignorant and naive blackman… Show me your economy and society and tell me exactly which wars on the Aphatheid system you won

  13. @Gordon Rolls….Hahahahahhahaha…Your comment is just hilarious i must say… Firstly are you black or white?Its important because we need to know from which vantage point you come from because what you say is absolute nonsense… What programmes do you talk about?Have they succeeded or not,how do you explain 80% of land in the hands of a land thief and try to defend that in the name of upholding a constitution.. You say other Africans want your land,hell do black South Africans have land before we can even talk of Africans wanting your land… I dont support people entering countries illegally but what does it mean when you burn them alive,loot their stores and stab them even when they are legal.. It means this has nothing to do with their legai status but instead on the basis that they are black.. So you say Africans shouldnt be given land in SA but you dont say the same of white people…Why???? The more you talk you reinforce my initial observation that THE NUMBER 1 GAME IN SA IS AVOIDANCE AND DENIAL

  14. namucoko…You see the problem is you actually believe Zimbabwe and other African countries sold you out… Well what you need to understand is those Matebeleland disturbances you refer to where a direct consequence of the Aphatheid government which sponsored dissidents to destabilise Zimbabwe… Those dissedents killed a lot of people and destroyed property in an attempt to sabotage Zimbabwe… You say Zimbabwe should have sent its army to fight Aphatheid,with this comment you clearly expose your stupidity and ignorance.. When a country provides logistical support to you,Mbeki even lived here in Zim and many ANC combatants where trained and given support here.. In Mozambique and Zambia the same happened…Why do you think Aphatheid bombed us if you say we didnt do anything.. I have just told you thousands of Africans in Zim,Mozambique and Zambia where killed by Aphatheid functionaries just because they dared support your struggle and yet you come here and say we collaborated with Aphatheid…This is quite stupid and ignorant on your part..If u dont know your own history ask us and we will tell you.. In Zimbabwe’s liberation struggle,the Mozambican,Zambian and Tanzanian army had no boots on Zim soil but they provided ligistical support including weapons,training,food and other equipment…Thats how you support other countries in struggle… But you want to deny and avoid everything and hold on to your version of history given to you by the white media and historians… Go ahead!!!

  15. This is not true. We speak our moth er tongue here unlike some french people who are Black Africans from up north that I will not mention. This topic is devisive and counter productive. What happens to we are All African. *votsek man*

  16. Well when talking of Zimbabwe’s land reform programme i suggest you read the Lancester House Agreement and tell us who was at fault for the land issue.. Its public knowledge it was Britain that refused to honour the agreement on the land question… I suggest you do some research on that before you say we chased white farmers away.. The people of Zimbabwe took back their land because white people with the help of Britain chose to ignore an international agreement…. Anyway its a bit complex but i suggest you view the Zimbabwean land issue with reference to the Lancester House Agreement

  17. Mandela’s reasons for what he did and the path he chose to take i cannot say,but he made decisions that have a lasting legacy and future generations will judge him.. Already the judgement is coming in and clearly if this Rainbow Nation is Mandela’s legacy,you cant expect the youths to pour praises on him when they suffer and are reduced to squatters and destitutes in their own country… Its going to get worse going foward as the unemployment and wealth differential increases the judgement is going to get harsher.. Already some call him a sell out,lets wait and see

  18. Kudzanai Shito, thank you for taking the time to write this stellar explanation!
    Although I would never judge the late Mr nelson Mandela because he paid a hefty price.

  19. What BS Shito you have some serious growing up to do and please start with knowing your facts and a being neutral when tackling matters like these. It looks to me like this is way out of your league. Stick to tabloid and soccer magazines

  20. Kudzanai Shito, thousands of BLACK people were killed in Matabeleland Zimbabwe, there’s no point in singling out south Africans. No matter how long is your comment, it lacks substance and it is full of anger towards south Africans. You expect us to keep quiet whilst you dress us with a blanket of guilt, and disguise it as a “game of denial and avoidance”. In Zimbabwe you chased a few whites out of farms after 30 years of so called independence, tell me how different is that to south Africa. If you feel unwelcome anywhere in the world, just don’t go there. Why didn’t Zimbabwe, Congo, Malawi, Ethiopia, Nigeria etc send their armies to south Africa to fight the whites? They were busy secretly doing business with the apartheid govt. Yes, we have problems in south Africa, but we can’t sort them out whilst babysitting you and others.

  21. Amogelang Imhotep Mahlangu if u understood democracy u would understand that we faught the system and the system of the oppressor what people are trying to do is to turn South Africa to become a rebel state like most Africa after they gained indipendance why did Namibia not get to become like the rest of the Africa since they use an inclusive governance and democracy toady they still have controlled borders and I migration we aspire to be the best and cannot be measured by standards which have not proven any possitive results we are critiseced yet who that criticises I’d better than South Africa

  22. So you Kudzanai Shito expect us to give up our land to Africa just because Africa helped u fight for its freedom we must be opening borders to people like u who insult us and see us as less tha ure selves please ure rantings are of a man suffering from identity crisis wanting to feel better than the rest just because of ure beliefs so we should kick out all white people and then defeat our own constitution and take the land and businesses then fight each other for control and become rebel country like the rest of Africa no my brother only a fool does not learn from mistakes of other and we are not foolish we understand that there was huge contribution from our brothers across the world who assisted in our freedom but we were fighting the system not the people we won the war on the system now we use programmes to adress the disparities of the past stop trying to make us feel like we are not worthy yet u see us as not since ure way will never been our solution

  23. Kudzanai Shito seems u on a real mission to make sustainable out to be worse than what reality is. Why target us as the problem to Africa what about the countries that kill thier own u see nothing wrong with Nigeria Burundi and the other African countries with civil and religious wars or nothing is wrong with that.

  24. Kudzanai Shito some of ure assessment may be true but I feel they only one sided since we eradicated apartheid we have been accommodating to our fellow Africans we have opened boarders and have accommodated as one of our own what happened in South Africa in 2008 and 2015 were a mere misfortune and cannot be close to what is happening in Nigeria and our other African countries the problem with ure statements is that as much as u judge us as South Africans u again see us as mindless and weaklings which is what frustrates us and yet u say we see ourselves as eluded in Africa yet u don’t acknowledge that our other African brothers also see us at useless and stupid and call us ungrateful ask ure selves how much more do we need to do to demonstrate our allegance and support to our African countries even the leaders have seen that we as Africans need to fix our own problems before we can actually judge.
    Yes we had xenophobia in our country funny how this has become such a media frenzy and used by people like u to judge us as a nation. At what cost should we pay for the support provided to us as a country. At what cost should we allow our own brothers to hold us randsome for the freedom we do not yet enjoy ourselves. The feeling of the man on the ground is simple we need to benefit from our freedom as a country before we can extend freedom to our brothers yes they help us but should we pay the price at the cost of our own people. We lost lives in South Africa fighting for this freedom, what about our mothers fathers and brothers and sisters who faught for this freedom we have suffered dealy yes and we acknowledge the help of our nabouring countries fully. But to blame us for the bombing of Gaddaffi please bro we did not form part of that which was or castrated with America we did not even for part of the Saddam Hussain Bombing how can we the country who are signatory to the African unions and who have always said we want Africans to deal with African problems then allow America and it’s UN deal with these for us

  25. No one denies Africa just like any other continent faces its problems but when a black man is singled out and beaten up because he is a foreigner whilst a white man who had you in chains walks scort free,then thats a problem which i can safely say is unique to SA… Here in Zimbabwe we have Congolese,Ethiopians,Malawians and Nigerians and not for even 1 day did we consider to attack them because they are foreigners… Thats because in Zimbabwe you cannever talk of the independence of this country without mentioning Zambia,Mozambique and Tanzania this narrative is repeated in the media and even in the education system… To try to say simply because Boko Haram bombs people in Nigeria therefore we can say SA’s attacking of black foreigners can be viewed in the same manner isnt really accurate… Why the exclusivity because had we seen white people being approached on those farms and being called foreigners and land thieves it would be a different ball game but those with 80% of the wealth and land as well where left alone whilst those with nothing other than a Spaza shop where accused of stealing from South Africans and causing their poverty..

    It goes to the point i made before,the number 1 game in SA is denial and avoidance and thats what u attempted to do right there

  26. What unity are you talking about when South Africans burn their own brothers and stab them in front of camera simply because they r foreigners who happen to be black.. A white CNN reporter asked one of those mobs who were attacking Africans if they will attack her because she is foreign and you know what they said,’we dont attack you because you have done nothing wrong’.. Yeh by doing nothing wrong it meant ‘we wont attack you because you are white’ so what Unity really exists between the black South African and the rest of Africa when SA defies AU resolutions and goes on to support the bombing of Libya in the Security Council? They are more worried with Unity with the Boers in a ‘Rainbow Nation’ than with fellow Africans..

  27. Africans beat, burn, bomb (in churches, mosques, schools, homes, etc), rape, maim and sell each other in their own countries (Nigeria, Somalia, Congo, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Mozambique, Angola, Central African republic, Zambia, etc)…south Africa is not an exclusive case. Stop consoling yourself with lies, wake up and face reality, you are your worst enemies and that’s why you are here.

  28. why not look at Aphatheid South Africa bombing Mozambique,Zimbabwe,Zambia and Angola.. More people died there than in South Africa itself while fighting Aphatheid…as i said the number 1 sport in South Africa amongst both black and white people is denialism and avoidance

  29. you sound like some of those white south africans who swear the so called rainbow nation is not in me thanks to decades of colonization and years of a legally acceptable openly racist system known as apartheid,the vast majority of ” educated” black south africans are like those delusional black republicans on fox news.

  30. This is very simplistic analysis and a very flawed conclusion. What is a privileged African? Is this monster only found in South Africa? I don’t remember apartheid South Africa bombing Nigeria but i know for a fact Nigerians bomb each other to smitherings! If you want to constructively criticize South Africa don’t do it with jaundiced eyes!

  31. The number 1 game in South Africa is avoidance and Aphatheid beat them hands down.. Some how Aphatheid taught black South Africans are better than the rest of Africa..It taught them they are better negroes and hence explained the recent Afrophobic cases we see.. The biggest thing than the white owned media and education system in South Africa did to entrench this isolationist behaviour from black South Africa is by clearly distorting the history of the independence of that country.. Firstly they were taught it was Nelson Mandela who single handedly liberated South Africa and he is the only man who made sacrifices for that country’s liberation..Hence you see other heroes of South Africa’s independence struggle have been seperated from the struggle itself..Robert Sobukwe and the Steve Bikos come to mind… Secondly and most importantly South Africans are never taught how their brothers and sisters from across the continent aided in the liberation of that country.. The sole reason why the front line states where formed was to fight Aphatheid,Zimbabwe,Zambia,Mozambique,Angola made a lot of sacrifices in the fight aginst the Boers.. Mozambique was plunged into an Aphatheid sponsored civil war which resulted in the death of thousands of Mozambiquans in the name of destabilising Mozambique which was giving help to the ANC…This country made so much sacrifices that at the hands of Aphatheid they lost their first black President in Samora Machel.. Same with Angola,they had to endure an Aphatheid onslaught to the extent MPLA almost lost Luanda to the Boers…They also had to endure another Aphatheid sponsored civil war.. Zimbabweans where killed in large numbers due to their support for ANC combatants..Many were parcel bombed by Aphatheid and SA also sponsored dissident to destabilise the country.. Basically it was the pressure from the OAU and the front line states that forced the Boers to surrender political power to black people but is that the narrative taught in South African schools and media? No they are taught its because of FW De Klerk’s pity and ‘selflessness’ that he gave them independence hence Mandela had the audacity to receive a Nobel Prize by his side… They are taught it was pressure from New Zealand when they protested against the Springboks that SA considered giving them independence.. Nothing at all is taught about how Gaddafi,yes the same Gaddafi that South Africa voted to be bombed and killed at the Security council,who gave financial sponsorship to ANC to the extent that on Mandela’s first state visit he went to Libya to thank Gaddafi… Many South African ANC officials where sheltered and looked after by fellow African countries as they took risk to help their SA brothers… Now with all these sacrifices,some which i havent mentioned why is it the average black South African wants to detatch themselves from the continent that paid in blood of its brothers and sisters to give SA its independence? Its simple,these black South Africans have been taught through ommission to disregard their brothers and sisters and even look at them with disdain.. On the other hand they where taught to view the white man as a partner ina new ‘Rainbow Nation’,and to view white foreigners as good people who have their best interests at heart.. The very same British,Israeli and Americans who supported the Aphatheid regime and refused to sanction Aphatheid South Africa,now they are friends who shud be protected and not be harmed in any way whilst Blacks are considered lice and cockroaches… This is the mentality that prevails in SA hence i said SA is now even a Securitu Threat for the whole of Africa especially considering their role in the Libya saga,Ivory Coast and even Outside of Africa in Syria… But the average black South African will deny and actually claim to be a Pan Africanist and yet if they truly honoured the continent they wouldnt even think for a second to beat up a fellow African…

  32. What Crap you utter!! Excuse my French! One wonder’s wher “Sandile” resides in Rsa, or maybe he himself is sic of what has become of the people he surrounds himself with! If what he says has any truth in an aspect of the amount of people who are “ditatched” from their heritage, why is it then there is more “Africans” in Rsa Then South Africans in thiers? Riddle me that & answer me if their “values & culture” has helped then break their situation??? No! Could write a novel on this! Mxm! Sandile wangi poxa!!

  33. Man I was wrong the whole time. I thought colonialism separated people from history language and culture. I guess even when they tell you to go back home and you do they follow you and still get mad when you don’t listen. People always think they are better than someone else.

  34. Iqiniso liyababa. South africans are brainwashed…they all want to be white..conscsiously or subconscioussly so . Evry funeral jesus is hailed, every wedding is white, twanging is celebrated, education is a failed western carricullum, that stupidity called xenephobia, the yellow bone obsession…..etc I can go on. South africans are fucked up. There is hope still….people are starting to rise due to some leaders saying the right things…..iqiniso elimsulwa.

  35. Sure we have shared histories….and some countries have even got similar people…we also have in common colonialism ….slavery….(but the latter two linked us to Europe like it or not and thus our “culture” like most humans have evolved accordingly)…for one many Africans become Christian….our fashion also changed the ….in the 19th century West Africans embraced Dutch wax prints…or “ankara”….some of our beads ….though the African people had always created our own beads from natural materials and clay, the first glass beads were made in Murano, Venice and brought to the African continent by traders for ivory….even our beloved maize …is adopted….and made ours …..but this is not unique to us …. Italians are known for their pasta and ice cream …some researchers think Pasta and ice cream were discovered in the XIII Century by Marco Polo, who introduced them in Italy upon returning from one of his trips to China in 1271….the British are known for their love of tea…but it’s origins are china….what I mean to say is we may have similar customs sure….but this does not mean we are a homogenous group of people…we are very diverse people…we adapt and make things our own….no one who has traveled can say west Africans and Southern Africans are not different or East Africans and North Africans are not different…the same goes for Afro Caribbean “culture” and Afro American culture …..sure we tend to be lively but depending on who we interact our societies have developed accordingly….most of it for survival purposes but we too have exported our culture e.g
    “Tap dance has its roots in both Irish step-dancing, and black slave dances, such as the Juba. During the early slave trade in America slave-holders began to panic when it was discovered that Africans could communicate with each other – over long distances and in code – through the use of drums. Drums were subsequently banned, however African-Americans held on to their traditional rhythms by transferring them to their feet and so tap was born.By the mid-nineteenth century, African-Americans had combined their footwork with Irish clogging steps to create a style called “buck and wing.” which became Modern Tap Dance”. “samba evolved in Rio de Janeiro by the early 20th century and grew to become the quintessential music and dance form associated with Rio’s carnaval. With its rich and syncopated rhythm and its often voluptuous dance moves, samba has circled the globe as one of the most infectious and popular styles from the South American continent. The word “samba” is thought to be derived from the Kimbundu (Angolan) term semba, which referred to an “invitation to dance” as well as a common appellation for the dance parties held by slaves and former slaves in the rural areas of Rio. These dances involved gyrating hip movements (called umbigada) and had roots going back to the colonial period in the Congolese and Angolan circle dances.” ” Blues is an African American-derived music form that recognized the pain of lost love and injustice and gave expression to the victory of outlasting a broken heart and facing down adversity. The blues evolved from hymns, work songs, and field hollers — music used to accompany spiritual, work and social functions. Blues is the foundation of jazz as well as the prime source of rhythm and blues, rock ‘n’ roll, and country music. The blues is still evolving and is still widely played today”. Not only have we given in dance and are we have also contributed to what most seem to just say is “western” for example these black Americans invented the following:
    “Percy Lavon Julian was a research chemist and a pioneer in the chemical synthesis of medicinal drugs from plants. He was the first to synthesize the natural product physostigmine, and a pioneer in the industrial large-scale chemical synthesis of the human hormones, steroids, progesterone, and testosterone, from plant sterols such as stigmasterol and sitosterol. His work would lay the foundation for the steroid drug industry’s production of cortisone, other corticosteroids, and birth control pills.” “Alcorn, George Edward, Jr, a Physicist, invented a method of fabricating an imaging X-ray spectrometer”
    “Boone, Sarah 1832–1905, invented Ironing board allowing sleeves of women’s garments to be ironed more easily”.
    Boykin, Otis 1920–1982, invented the Artificial heart pacemaker control unit” so many more from refrigerated tracks to the hot comb… Americans of African origin have invented it…..making them part of them part of our modern human culture…not which is not only contributions from people of European backgrounds…..Africans in General have contributed to the so “western culture” from iron technology to democracy it’s self “From the history of four of Africa’s great empires, it can be clearly seen that Africa and Africans have contributed to what we now consider Western Civilization). All along the West African coast, Africans had developed various systems of government, from the extended family to regional empires and the Village State. Many of them consisting of those attributes of a modern state (i.e., armies, courts, etc.). According to Melville J. Herskovits, a known anthropologist, “of the areas inhabited by non-literate people, Africa exhibits the great incidence of complex governmental structures. Not even the kingdom of Peru and Mexico could mobilize resources and concentrate power more effectively than could some of these African monarchies, which are more to be compared with Europe of the middle ages then referred to the common conception of the ‘primitive’ state.” PEOPLE of AFRO roots have contributed so much to so called “WESTERN” culture so have people from the Middle East and Asia

  36. This content seems to be locked, but from what I was able to read from the title & the comments, the is the same type of hoodwinking taught in the US History books. Believe this stuff if you want. Just look @ the title of this story.

  37. I’m I’m Azania as we speak. It’s true that western influence is dominant here and many people are not tied to any ancestral land or history in the urban centers. It’s funny how all “progress” seems to coincide with foreign thought and behavior. Many people in my motherland of Jamaica think the same. They hate and disdain the soil that sustained their ancestors and the communal culture that helped us to survive. Many want to be like the property they see on TV and in the movies. They fly their flag proudly but all of the trappings that they covet are from elsewhere..

  38. I do believe there is such a thing as a African culture. Our cultures have similarities when it comes to the main principles. Like how Europeans have their core principles that unite them such as individualism, materialism, war, religion and chosen people

  39. In my opinion, the world has become a white man’s playground, through all that happened in history. The same goes with Corporate South Africa. For an African to make it in South Africa, because most businesses are white owned, you have to think like white people. Until Africans, with their cultural diversity, can create successful businesses based on African values and culture (whatever an African culture is since we are diverse within ourselves), unfortunately/fortunately we have to play in the same field with the West and by their rules. The black “middle” class that this article is referring to consists of people that are trying to survive in white owned businesses and unfortunately this requires adopting their values and comes at a cost of losing our identity. The question is thus, how do we adopt western values in order to survive and at the same time keep rooted in our respective cultures?

  40. Not all South Africans agreed to integration. The general public, especially in the rural areas where people were not enjoying any benefits from Western civilization, just wanted to be free. Those leaders who took over after Apartheid probably realized they were not ready to lead the country and at the same time maintain the standard of the economy without the white man. Basically they didn’t want to start from the bottom, like Zimbabwe. Not saying starting from the bottom is necessarily a bad thing.

  41. I thought also that it might be a generalization and the writer is painting a broad brush. Divide and conquer is a true tactic but I would rather see journalism that gives advice on how to organize in terms of designing paradigms that will allow immense unsurpassed, uninterrupted pragmatic and quantifiable progress.

  42. Rarstar what you are saying is fact that European colonizers managed to hide from majority the world population, including Europeans themselves. African communities can also be found in India and they have been there for over millennium or more. If one can trace the origin of human evolution, it starts in Afrika. And that should conclude any debate about who Afrikans are.

  43. nope! South Africa is not a sad case of identity and cultural economic disorder. i understand your viewpoint on this issue. Maybe a lot of you folks who have not come to this country and experience it will never have any idea. maybe you read a lot about South Africa online, that’s your source of bias information. You want to witness it? You better visit South Africa and interact with Black South Africans who live in the Urban and rural/country. Maybe then you’ll see things differently!

  44. Love me some you!!! Well said! It appears that the black identity must be a homogeneous one or else one isn’t black. Africanists of today seems to eschew individuality and self definition. Sadly enough, they see that as a threat against the whole. Hmmm but in my view it is just Nother form of slavery, mental slavery. A person or country that is not free to define itself isn’t tryulu free.

  45. Boitumelo I have to agree with you on this one I mean the writer obviously wrote this article without proper conduct of the subject of black south africans and their culture..his opinion is rather biased and unfruitful!

  46. Colonization was fundamenlly a demonic possession of the african mind and unless exorcism is administered the african man is a psychological chaos!

  47. I think that Black South African leaders choose integration with the people who abused them, same as the US. Only difference and it’s a big one is that South Africa is a Black Country. We can’t talk about the end of White rule without context, because it really never ended. I would like to know how Black South Africans feel about this article. I tell you one thing the supposed Black middle class is exaggerated just like it is in America. If they use the same requirements as they do for the white middle class few Blacks in either country would be middle class and that’s a fact!

  48. hm, fact is that not only romans but also greeks stole from africa, and this is documetned, they too have whitewashed their history to make their people believe africans had no say in greek culture, but it has been extensively researched and found that many so called greek philosophers conquerers /leaders and artists were in fact africans, so there u go, african civilization was in is the true history off human development

  49. What is different and odd about South Africans is that they chose integration with the same folks who put them through hell, rather then liberation then give them an eviction notice like the other Black nations did! Who in their right mind would make a deal with the man caught robbing your house and attacking your wife, to share your house with him . rather then throw the robber in jail???

  50. This has got to be the most stupid article I have ever read in my life! We here since Garvey and even after liberation have been calling ourselves African proudly, even without out culture language, religion or homeland! If you are Black you are African! Stop being silly! How can you mention South Africa without mentioning Stephen Biko and the Black Consciousness movement?? Or how man you talk about present day SA wiithout talking about Malema?? White people can dress up in African garb speak African languages and be Yoruba, that does not make them African! It did not when they came to study in Kemet thousands of years ago and it does not today!

  51. Hip Hop was created by the CIA to get Black youth to grow into adults , who would think that it is Hip to Hop out of a knowledge of Self! Before the 80s everyone knew African history and honored something about African culture, everyone had a painting, a sculpture, even if it was nothing more then a clock, shaped like the map of Africa, as reminder of our ancestors!

  52. They are the closest Africans to Black Americans only difference is South Africa has a smaller percentage of Blacks in prison. Aso the U.S. has a prison named after an African country ie Angola State Prison, La.

  53. I know right? It’s like black people are one group non diverse group…and then the stupid writer attributes all modern culture to Europeans which is not true!

  54. The writer has issues …I am not from SA but I think it is lovely and blends modern with ancient so well…what some people don’t get is that all cultures evolve to suit the times….

  55. What ever happened to naming the country? Why is it still called South Africa? As opposed to the rest of Afrika.

    Now it is Black and White and talk of colors. Not of Afrikan identity and Afrikan global trade.

    Just talk of colors. See what happens when someone puts your race in the name of the country. They steal your racial identity and culturoeconomy and subordinate your identity for their own.

    The correct term is
    American Africans
    Nigerian Africans
    Lesothoan Africans

    South Africa is a sad case of identity and cultural economic disorder stemming from the name psychology:
    South African Africans
    Azanian Africans


  56. This is the most stupid thing I have read in a while…and mind you I do read some rubbish! Africa is a continent and just because we are on one big continent does not mean we have the same “culture” and who ever told you culture does not evolve to suit the time is an idiot…please grow up and stop displaying your complexes! I am sure even within countries people are different…..just be yourself why are you trying to define other people?

  57. Let not excuse us black Americans. We have no excuse for our behavior either. “We are all the same people”. Need to stop working toward being accepted into European cultures and get reacquainted with our own. Language, food, culture, spiritually, etc. Time to be out the burning house.

  58. I am so greatfull thst I have spent a lot of time travelling so that when I read an article such as this which is based on, I don’t know, I have my own frame of reference based on time I spent in the Country, take nothing on face value

  59. this is truly a sad state of being for african americans but for any african that has direct ties to their ancestors and customs this is very troubling and pathological mentally, in every sense.

  60. South Africans are a proud strong and beautiful people. In many ways they are the embodiment of the strength and struggles of Africa and Africans as a whole. We need to stop dissing each other and start loving each other

  61. sorry, but this is just so stupid, not thinking at all about the progress, like saying italy is not roman cos they dont play with lions anymore, wat the hell, or europeans are not europeans cos they dont do what they did hundreds of years ago, people move on, people develop, that is what is happening, accept and embrace the world wide progress, sure, good to have roots, but essentially, this is all part of our culture, have u not read what famous black african writers thinkers and philophers have said in the past 100 years???please educate urself before u point out that we need to live in a fricking jungle and make fire and hunt, what BS, u are currently using a modern technology to actually read this, if u are so african, then stop using the western technological (& cultural) benefits to discredit others jus cos u dont like wat u see, and by the way, the article is in FRICKING ENGLISH, u did not write this in ur mother tongue and then have it translated, so please, get some knowledge about african development into ur brain, read about the development of conquered peoples, the way to freedom, the struggle for survival, the psychology behind the actions of losing ur culture, and essentially not being able to regain it, and furthermore, it is not that the US or WEST or CHINA RUSSIA and the rest of the world has just stopped using us, no, they have been deepening the ways and strategies to strip us from almost every single root we have, yet that will not make us EUROPEAN or AMERICAN, that only defines us more african, that is exactly what our AFRICAN PHILOSOPHERS and THINKERS predicted, and unless we as africans are able to unite with a common simple idea of african identity, we will never break the chains, who actually paid u to write this article, some fricking white collar boss and what did u wear when actually writing the article, what foods do you eat, come on man, get out of ur own way, stop targeting ur own people, sewing more division, ur playing right into the hands of the oppressor, we are one, no matter wat roots u take, our ancestors believe that there is no way u can be cut from the tree, they continue to guide us spiritually no matter how many times we change our names parents teachers places to live, this earth is one, eventually, africans are all over the planet, since all human life started in africa, chinese japanese english american, european, they are all fricking AFRICAN, that is the root!

  62. Lies Lies, and this must be based on assumptions and not reality, yes some in the urban areas r living the lives of the urbanites but that dznt mean they allwed their culture and heritage to be wiped out otherwise u wdnt find ppl who r still practising African traditional religion. Go back and do more research on the real people and not on the internet.

  63. I agree about the mentality of black ppl here in America but it’s a different story 4 us. Majority here don’t know of their roots besides the general continent of Africa. We can’t just adopt bits African culture from every country and hope we hit the mark right. These people know their exact roots and choose to ignore them. I have to admit I’m jealous that they have this knowledge of their history and won’t even embrace it.

  64. To some extent this is true, many black South Africans reject their cultural identity to embrace a more Eurocentric world view, especially the young ones.

  65. Had a conversation with one of my Greek friends who may pursue a PhD in Cultural Art History. We were talking about this exact same topic relative to the Ottoman Empire’s impact on the Greek Culture for 400 years, and how the Greeks have managed to reclaim all of their Ancestral Cultural values in a 100+ years. So, my point is once the Original Africans of the Southern part of Africa come to understand to ways of the Europeans–they will start to take back their country–“hook line and sinker”! #SeeingTheDayligntWithACandle…,This article is that Candle!

  66. I am South African and I am black. I don’t agree with what the article seem to portray. The writer must engage thoroughly with people he/she writes about, before making such an opinion.

  67. we always look at the present as if the past never existed or had no consequences.. this is the legacy of apartheid ..this was their mater plan enabled by a brain washed Mandela and his puppeteer truth and reconciliation nonsense.. we can have any reconciliation until stolen lands and wealth are return.. reconcile that..

  68. some of yall admins are lost,confused,overly conditioned,very unconscious and dumbfounded,you guys can’t be black nor serious sharing bull crap nonsense and post like this,BLACKS IN SOUTH AFRICA LOVE AND EMBRACE THEIR BLACKNESS TO THE MAX,who are yall and what nerve yall got

  69. Stupid Shit……We have to speak louder, laugh at our own jokes,eat plantains yum and okra,worship white deities, not too dark enough,kill each other,kill albinos, kill people we accuse of witches, be asylum seekers,TO BE PROPER AFRICANS. HOW EXACTLY DO YOU WANT US TO BEHAVE MASTER?Oh… this case LOOSER,who failed your own country and go criticizing people who do better than you.GO and live in the jungle,survive by hunting and live only in Rounderveld,wear only animal skin and please don’t speak and write engilsh its not african and worship white jesus or arab allah,then come back and tell me more Idiot.NOBODY WOULD TELL ME HOW TO LIVE MY LIFE……Oh …..on the way tell your bitches to stop putting other races hair on their head to hide their own hair and its unhygienic with fake long trashy nails and bleaching their skin(we don’t do that in southern africa…west africans do that)YOU TALKING BULSHIT.And we all speak fluently two or more languages out of 9 of the African languages.


  71. @Kimberly lm not English,lm African,Shona to be precise,the very fact that lm communicating with you @ all is a miracle.Take whats there,otherwise keep your opinion to yourself.

  72. @ Mont james Mont, there is huge hope we are working towards this country and we are not going to feel sorry for the things we buy, because it seems people like the idea to call Africa the dark Continent, and we are working towards to make it where we could enjoy ourselves and we are being criticized, the only thing this Author could have highlighted is that we will be 20yrs liberated very soon but people are still in the darkness, and not come here tell lies, @Tebogo Menong every language is been taken for, it is your choice to read English papers and to listen in English Channels, and you Tebogo whom are you waiting for to fix this country, do you think the people in the villages like to live without running water, and electricity, because you also now are not different from this Author, maybe you are the coconut, and I can swear that your background is not coconut, when last have you been to the villages? that you are the few ones who are living in luxury the majority of this country who makes SA are still in the darkness, I believe in doing things not talking about things if you see that there are things that don’t satisfy you fix them, moaning wont help, work towards fixing what you thing is wrong – this is a free country, If you are working you are one of the lucky ones, youth in this country don’t work, in the USA every month where you think it would be fine if we are equated with, we are in the same par, last month they reported 195 00 new jobs. So before you talk think, dont think about your soroundings and make that SA.

  73. @ Liesl thnx 4 tellin it like it is.These ppl view African as livin in th stoneage but wen they come n c their misteks they start preaching n callin us names.Shame why not address their own issues there in America before they can lecture us.

  74. I c this Sid character lives in a fairy tale.Wat did u expect of us Africans,to eat roots,practice susistence farming n your definition of a young professional wud b a young warrior in a skin kilt armed with a spear and a battle axe?Such ppl we dont nid in Africa,liv in ur America n mind u own biz there.We r as much entitld to th good things in lyf as u.

  75. Truth of the matter is that in SA, white supremacy rules! What I mean is if you turn on your TV, peruse through a newspaper / magazine – the DOMINANT language, culture, ideas, concerns, issues are Eurocentric. This is to be expected cause the private media is majority owned by whites.

    There is a special day set aside for blacks to celebrate being black, it’s called Heritage Day, when black people wear traditional clothes and sing and dance. But on other days the traditional / Afrocentric garb, the display of black pride is few and far between. Our schools teach Eurocentric history, our values are heavily Eurocentric, speaking English is prized, traditional religions are frowned upon, etc etc. But this is not surprising, we were colonized by the British who imposed their customs, religions, worldview on us, and then the Afrikaners took the baton from them and deepened our anti-black existence.

    Our cultures, worldview, religions were destroyed by our colonizers, they demonized our traditions and now we have internalized that demonization. We are now the ones doing it to ourselves. Much as there are people who still practice remnants of their cultures, truth of the matter is the dominant culture is Eurocentric. To top it off, the businesses, land, money, media etc are overwhelmingly in the hands of whites.

    However, to be fair, this applies across many African countries, we might be ‘independent’ states, but we are, in many ways, still colonies of the West. We didn’t change the anti-black system, we just joined in. The new black elites merely changed the colour of the coloniser, but the judicial, political, religious, trade, governance, language systems are still the same as before – just tweaked here and there!

  76. I completely agree with you. The idea of saying that South Africa is un-African is very silly. I think this person is referring to a tiny amount of black bourgeoisie who (in most black communities) are seen as the face and voice of blackness. These people are probably sons and daughters of people that were in exile during Apartheid,living large while the rest of us black people were having our neighbourhoods tear gased and suffering at the hands of ruthless white supremists. We practice our cultures and are proud of them. Just because we do not live in mud huts and have things that western countries supposedly brought to the continent, doesn’t mean we are un African. We do have our issues, yes, but all countries have issues. I’m just tired of people always pointing the finger at South Africa as if we are the only country on the continent with issues.

  77. @Nandi, its the youth unemployment that is sitting steadly at whooping ±76%. According to stats SA, ±24% of our people don’t have access to pipe borne water and ±30% don’t have electricity.

  78. I don’t understand the author of this article, he or she saw a small part of South Africa and he decided to call that South Afrca, is not an African Country, the percentage you all have seen does not make South Africa, yes I am not disputing what you are saying but 99% of South Africa is not what you have seen, Sid Owsley I am sure when you came to South Africa you came with the same mind all of you have abroad, that we live with animals and you had this picture that we would be bare footed and and naked, yes there are people like that, and Sid I don’t know why you have not done your research when you came to SA, because if you have done that you would know where the black stand and where the white people stand, the Mc donalds KFC, and all the things that you have those are franchisees and may be 1% of black people owns that, yes SA is better with infrastructure than the other countries, because we were colonized remember? after being colonized we were under apartheid, next year it will be our twentieth being liberated, so I want you to sit down and educate yourself that what was apartheid and what have we blacks achieved out of it – NOTHING and all what you see in South Africa was here before we were liberated, Ladydez we do our cultures because that is who we are, we have villages, we have the ghettos, you cannot take one person that you have met Sid and make him South Africa, that is having a little mind, since there is this story about Mandela I am sure you will see what the bigger picture of South Africa is, Sid was expecting to see us having donkeys as means of transport, yes there are those people who travel like that. where you were that was not the real S Africa, and SA is different from other African countries, and the airports are where most white people are staying, the person you have met I am sure is a workaholic and you find them everywhere, the fat people you met – is because they are only fat because they are not eating healthy and don’t exercise, lot of South Africans have never tasted Mc Donald, because they cannot afford to have it, so please Sid, please dear brother when you go to another country please get info, because if you have done that you would have been interested and you would have visited your, where lots of black people are staying and you would not be saying what you are saying today, Akoon Tong I don’t understand you, we want the other African Countries to be where we are as well, with the infrastructure, our great, great fathers made these roads, they made these bridges, it is their energy that has build this country but they have nothing to show for that because they were robbed. We have 70% of unemployment in this country, I don’t know where the author is coming from, with his unresearched article, I am not sure if I will ever be interested in this Mag, because it is clear he writes from his mind not, not from facts, Do you know there is 65% who does not have running water they get water from the rivers? We have 65% who does not have electricity you call that western? the roads in our townships are not tarred or paved is that Western? This is AFRICA but we are trying our best. This Author when he comes to SA he must tell me I will give him companies that take people to the people. YOU CAN NOT JUDGE A COUNTRY BY FEW PEOPLE YOU HAVE MET, that is not journalism.

  79. So what experiences would the author preferred to have had to feel that he’s in Africa when he’s in South Africa? Which places did he live in and why does he paint everyone with the same brush? What is it exactly that his opinion is based on instead of throwing thoughts around that he doesn’t elaborate on fully? I’m just trying to understand.

  80. No S’gcino, I have traveled enough to know better than to have that picture of Africa in my head. It was the lack of consciousness so soon after apartheid that scared me. It reminded me of black folks in the U.S..

  81. Who the hell are you calling us New Negroes outside America? Do you realize how huge South Africa is? This is an insult as far as I am concerned, every Country in the World has it own issues and problems but for you to judge us by our skin colour and calling us a different breed is just plain racist to me. WTF!!!

  82. I went to South Africa for the first time in 2010 around the time of the World Cup. Its was great seeing so many black folks who seemed to be doing well in life. I observed that there were many people who had most of the same material goods as in the U.S.. I saw the BWM’s, McDonald’s, KFC and other things I see here in the U.S.. This made me realize that these black folk had been thoroughly indoctrinated in Western culture. Their waistlines also showed the evidence, as many people were overweight from eating the very convenient junkfood. The black South Africans are in the same debt trap and healthcare trap that many people regardless of race are trapped in in the U.S.. They are consumers and commodities who are forgetting their traditional culture. They have no idea how much trouble they are in, especially the young professionals who work in corporate South Africa. These young professionals are working long hours to climb the corporate ladder but must sacrifice their health to do so. I met more that 20 something year old professional who is taking several prescription medications to deal with the stress of 15-16 hour working days, being glued to their cellphone even after they are officially off work.

  83. I hope South Africa (Africa) don’t become what Washington (District of Columbia) is to America as they line up like vultures to call dibs on control of the region.