Volunteer in Africa to Make a Difference

Volunteer in Africa to Make a Difference

If you have ever volunteered to work at a soup kitchen or worked with kids in hospitals, then you will have experiences the joy and the delight when you give selflessly to others and those in need. If you have never experiences the good feelings when doing volunteer work, and you are thinking of taking a gap year between school and university, between jobs, or simply between degrees, then signing up as a volunteer in Africa to do a gap year programme in order to teach sport to kids all over the continent of Africa.

Life is hard and the innocence of children is often short-lived due to the ravages of war, child labour and so many other aspects and influences that cut the innocence of childhood short, therefore bringing joy and happiness and teaching the kids skills through the medium of sport speaks volumes through the bright smiles and happy faces of these young folk. Sport does something to people – it brings out the fun and laughter, and teaches them to participate in team work and effort.

You don’t need to study Sports Science or coaching to teach netball, rugby or soccer to these innocents – all you need is a kind spirit, a warm heart and the rest is easy.

If you are thinking of going into marketing or business, the strategies that you will teach the kids in your coaching will offer learning opportunities not only to the children but to you too, which you can apply in the boardroom equally successfully. A fully trained support team and other volunteers will back you up, so this is not an insular exercise, either.

Boardroom, classroom or sports field – human nature and human skills are all the same. Sign up to be a volunteer in Africa to make a difference.

For more information about volunteer in Africa visit Gap Year Projects.