Zambia: Ruling Party Demands The Resignation Of Illegal White President Guy Scott

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Zambia: Ruling Party Demands The Resignation Of Illegal White President Guy Scott
Africans are willingly marching right back into colonialism and slavery

AFRICANGLOBE – More than half of the members of Zambia’s Cabinet known as ministers – the top most body charged with the responsibility of government operations – have asked Acting President Guy Scott to quit his position because his continue stay at the helm of the country was threatening the peace and stability of Zambia.

The ministers held a press briefing a short while ago at which they demanded that Scott resigns for engaging in activities that had the potential to throw Zambia in turmoil.

Among the ministers were Alexander Chikwanda (finance) Ngosa Symbakula (home affairs), Harry Kalaba (foreign affairs), Fackson Shamenda (labour), Christopher Yaluma, Yamfwa Mukanga, Chishimba Kambwili, Jean Kapata, Nkandu Luo, Inonge Wina, Joseph Kasonde, John Phiri and Katema, Emerrine Kabanashi.

The 14 Cabinet ministers have since called for an urgent Cabinet Meeting to discuss the replacement of Guy Scott.

Spokesperson for the group Harry Kalaba states that Scott’s action have consistently endangered the peace, security and stability of the country.

Yesterday, drama ensued as Guy Scott attempted to block the candidature of Patriotic Front candidate Edgar Lungu by writing a letter to acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda.


By: Peter Adamu



  1. Some People are just clueless. How can any right thinking Zambian claim that Scott has the best interest of Zambians at heart? That cannot be farther from the truth. Guy Scott has ruled by decree and has insulted our intelligence by suggesting that he has a monopoly of wisdom. He has failed to command respect and forster peace in the ruling party. How can you then such a useless tinpot to take good care of national affairs. Those that have eyes know that Guy is but a proxy for a notorious cartel which is headed by the infamous post owner – Fred M’membe. His continued stay in power is a real danger to our peace. He must be hounded out, after all he isn’t one of us.

  2. Am a zambian and i can assure you that Guy Scott has only the best intentions for Zambia and is doing evrything he possibly can to ensure
    that the transition is a success and that Zambia has FREE and FAIR
    elections where public funds are not going to be abused by any political
    party. It is his stance to stop the PF from using public funds for
    their campaigns that has angered these mostly corrupt Ministers. Their
    demanding that he resigns is to try and put some one who is as corrupt
    as they are as Acting President so that they can abuse public funds to
    fund their campaigns. We thank you Guy Scott for a a job well done and
    be rest assured that all well meaning Zambians stand with you during
    this period… #VIVAGuy Scott