The 10 Corporations That Control Almost Everything You Buy


10. Kraft

AFRICANGLOBE – Not quite four years ago, somebody made a chart called the “Illusion of Choice.” It demonstrated that a majority of the world’s best-known and most popular brands are owned, produced and sold by just ten very large corporations. Kraft, for instance, owned Maxwell House (coffee), Toblerone (candy) and Ritz (crackers). Nestlé owned Ralph Lauren (clothes), Gerber (baby food) and Purina (cat food).

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Kraft was an American company established in Chicago in 1903. Twelve of its brands, including Maxwell House, Nabisco, and Cadbury, each earned $1billion dollars globally. In March 2015, Kraft announced that it was merging with Heinz. The result, Kraft Heinz Company, is the fifth largest food company in the world.

The ten corporations that controls most global brands