10 Mega Infrastructure Projects In Africa Funded By China


10. Coastal Railway

AFRICANGLOBE – Over the last decade, China has risen to become the single largest trade partner for many African countries. It has also become a major source of financial support for various development projects being undertaken on the continent.

Infrastructure development is a key pillar of the China-Africa relationship. In Africa, infrastructure projects awarded to Chinese companies are financed by their government through loans and grants.

Based on the cost of construction, below are 10 of the mega infrastructure projects in Africa funded by China.

Coastal Railway

Nigeria This is the largest ever contract awarded to a Chinese company in Africa. The project is worth $12 billion. The deal was signed between the Federal Republic of Nigeria and China Railway Construction Corp (CRCC) on November 19, 2014. The railway is 1,402 km in length and upon completion; it will link Lagos, the nation’s economic capital, with the eastern city of Calabar, passing through 10 states. It will also link cities with the oil rich state of Niger Delta.