Black by Ezard Restaurant Design – The Secret to Restaurant Success

Black by Ezard Restaurant Design – The Secret to Restaurant Success

Renowned chef Teague Ezard, known for his bold, creative cuisine, is the owner of the Australian grill Black by Ezard. Located in Sydney, Black by Ezard boasts an excellent menu, a stunning wine bar and two private dining rooms. But while high quality cuisine is the hallmark of Teague Ezard, a welcoming, elegant ambiance is the hallmark of Paul Kelly’s Black by Ezard restaurant design.

Not an ordinary modern grill, Black by Ezard features a stunning restaurant design built around Paul Kelly’s idea of a classic steak house with a twist. The goal in designing Black by Ezard was to exceed customer expectations by creating an environment of fun and approachable luxury. To achieve this goal, Kelly and his team carefully selected and assembled a dynamic combination of materials and design styles. By creating an approachable, pleasing ambiance, Kelly hoped to create a memorable experience that would entice guests to return to Black often.

Kelly’s inspiration for Black by Ezard’s design included features of Los Angeles and Las Vegas design styles combined with contemporary European elements. This dynamic combination resulted in a unique environment that offers guests the opportunity to experience a series of comfortable, appealing atmospheres within a single venue.

Innovative and creative design features stand out in each area within the restaurant. Within the restaurant’s bar area, guests are greeted by an impressive circular wine store. This distinctive feature provides both visual appeal and a massive wine selection capable of delighting wine lovers of all tastes. Near the fireplace, the large, sculpted form of an impressive 2 tonne timber high table lends a touch of rustic style to the room. In the dining room, a large hand-painted mural depicts the Oberon, New South Wales farm district that served as the inspiration for the restaurant’s interior.

Black’s kitchen boasts a butchery and dry aging rooms for meat, elements central to the success of a fine steakhouse. Windows allow patrons to view the kitchen from the retail corridor, giving aspiring chefs and curious diners the opportunity to observe Black’s skilled professional chefs at work. Each of the spaces and elements found in Black by Ezard’s design contributes to a unique, approachable atmosphere that combines elegance with the fun, active spirit of Sydney.

In creating his Black by Ezard restaurant design, Paul Kelly used carefully selected materials intended to be understandable and approachable to customers. Warm wood tones, marble and warm lighting create a luxurious, welcoming atmosphere. Stunning features such as pendant lights of hand-blown glass and hand-crafted bulls head sculptures add to the restaurant’s unique character.

A restaurant’s design plays a vital role in determining its success. The creative use of space and materials can create excellent interior and exterior design that appeals to customers and helps a restaurant business grow. To develop a superior restaurant design that works to a restaurant owner’s advantage takes skill, imagination and attention to detail. Approaching restaurant design with passion, determination and commitment can transform a restaurant into a distinctive, popular destination capable of drawing worldwide attention.

Paul Kelly is the man behind some of Australia’s most successful food and beverage venues. Coming into our 15th year of business, Paul Kelly Design is turning the corner on 150 projects, each a signature space, each uniquely different and each one a personal creation of Paul Kelly and his team.