Black by Ezard Restaurant Design

Black by Ezard Restaurant Design

Sophisticated, modern consumers seek out venues offering refined, pleasing environments capable of enhancing their enjoyment of the cuisine. With this knowledge in mind, restaurateurs have begun to focus on creating innovative restaurant designs that fulfill their guests’ desires for rich and entertaining dining venues. A dramatic example of this contemporary approach to dining environments is Paul Kelly’s Black by Ezard restaurant design. This sophisticated, elegant design was developed with the goal of creating an environment of approachable luxury that elevates Black’s unique menu to provide guests with an unsurpassed dining experience.

While Kelly’s design incorporates a variety of appealing materials carefully selected to fulfill Black’s theme, his use of timber throughout the design is especially striking. Timber is a versatile material with properties well-suited for use in interior design. With its flexibility and natural beauty, timber was an ideal choice of materials for Black’s distinctive design.

Timber’s durability, strength and flexibility allow it to fulfill a variety of structural functions with simple, graceful beauty. Additionally, timber can be cut or bent to create a variety of shapes to bring to life a designer’s artistic vision. With such versatile attributes, timber is ideal for crafting a variety of structures and furnishings such as those found in Black’s design. One of Black’s notable features is the large, rustic high table carved from Black Butt timber sourced from local farm country. Tables in a chopping block style fulfill the restaurant’s steak house theme while providing refined visual and tactile appeal.

Although timber is associated with strength and durability, it is also known for its sensual, organic beauty. Timber’s long-lasting, natural hues are warm and pleasing to the eye. In developing Black’s design, Kelly combined various shades and types of timber to create a lush palette that enhances the elegance of both the ambiance and the cuisine. Timber’s grainy texture and variegated colors add an element of rich texture to Black’s environment, further stimulating the senses.

In his use of timber in Black’s design, Paul Kelly has created a dynamic combination of traditional elements and modern design. The textures, colors and shapes of Black’s timber evoke the rustic nature of the traditional steakhouse to infuse the environment with a sense of comfortable familiarity. Sleek, smooth finishes and modern style allow the restaurant to achieve an ambiance of sophisticated luxury. The result is an innovative design that achieves Kelly’s goal of creating an atmosphere of approachable elegance.

Kelly’s use of timber imbues his sophisticated Black by Ezard restaurant design with a warm, inviting feel. In combination with other carefully selected materials, timber provides Black’s guests with a lush atmosphere in which to immerse themselves as they enjoy their meal. His design is the perfect complement to Black’s exceptional menu. Paul Kelly’s skill and creativity with timber allowed him to create a timeless design of universal appeal that invites guests to enjoy a sense of luxurious comfort.

Paul Kelly is the man behind some of Australia’s most successful food and beverage venues. Coming into our 15th year of business, Paul Kelly Design is turning the corner on 150 projects, each a signature space, each uniquely different and each one a personal creation of Paul Kelly and his team.