Black French Furniture Helps To Merge The Past With The Present

Black French Furniture Helps To Merge The Past With The Present

Black French furniture can be a pleasant addition to any home or office. This style of furniture can blend with modern furniture design to yield an updated look. Many designers include several pieces of French furniture in an ensemble to maintain the integrity and cohesiveness of the room. Consulting with an interior designer can help home or business owners create a design that is conducive to modern living. Let’s take a look at how some common and essential pieces of French furniture can update a room.

Black French Television Cabinet

Everyone covets the new flat panel televisions that are emerging on the market today, but sometimes the room may appear more cohesive if the television is hidden. A black French television cabinet may be just what a home owner needs to spruce up the home. When the black French television cabinet blends with the remaining dcor, the designer has achieved a design that appeals to the senses and is calming.

When guests are ready to watch, the cabinet can be opened, and the television will be ready for viewing. Some technically inclined home designers may include linear actuators on the cabinet doors to automatically open and close the cabinet doors via remote for maximum convenience.

Many black French television cabinets are ornate with many embellishments while other designs have simpler lines. Designers should select the design that best matches the preferences of clients to achieve the appeal envisioned during the planning stages.

Black French Wardrobe

A black French wardrobe may sound slightly outdated, but it can make an excellent addition to a room with limited closet space or a hotel room designed with French influences. The wardrobe allows clients to hang articles of clothing and also store folded items in the drawers. Black French wardrobes can be equally as functional as the furniture is visually appealing. The black French wardrobe can be used in the bedroom or living room depending upon the layout and design of the room. If the French design is desired, the black French wardrobe is an excellent choice.

Black French Bombe Chest

The black French Bombe chest is ideal for storage of linens and other clothing items. This piece of furniture has been in the French design repertoire since the 16th century. Many designers continue to incorporate this design because of its usefulness and complementary nature to existing French dcor. The black French Bombe chest design can be ornate or simple. Choose the best style to match the current dcor in the room. The black French Bombe chest can be an excellent addition to any room.

What Materials are Used for French Furniture?

Wood is the primary source of material for French furniture. This wood is durable, safe and can be easily refinished with a stain. Much of French furniture is not featured in black initially. Instead, designers choose to stain the furniture to provide a striking French country look. New designers prefer black to white because of the versatility in design.

Black French Dcor is Recommended for Modern Design

Many designers are fusing the old with the new to yield new intriguing designs. French furniture may be the addition necessary to yield a chic room fit for modern times.

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