Business Opportunities May Be Found And Taken Online

Business Opportunities May Be Found And Taken Online

Trading is the economic activity that has provided business opportunities for entrepreneurs since the earliest times. Marco Polo saw opportunities in China and in the twenty-first century people are finding many other interesting projects there. However, it is the the spheres of ‘green technology’ and the Internet that many exciting opportunities now exist.

After the Second World War two soldiers returned to Africa from Europe. The both set up poultry businesses. One was soon bankrupt but the other, who started under exactly the same circumstances was soon wealthy with poultry farms across the country. The point of the story is obvious. Prospects are there for all but not everyone is able to take them. There is more to success than initial recognition.

Enterprises are entered into enthusiastically and started with gusto, but after the initial euphoria there comes a time when a firm must either grow, remain static or close. This may be the point when the initial opportunity faces the moment of truth. A start up cannot be called a success until it has proved itself sustainable. Successful entrepreneurs are really those who can start, grow and sustain an enterprise.

It must be admitted that chance plays a role. The successful person may ‘take arms’ against his circumstances but cannot always challenge chance effectively. In Russia communist dictators destroyed generations of entrepreneurs and in China many were sent for ‘political re-education’ being forcibly removed from their own enterprises. One of the wealthiest men in America admits that his success is due in part to a system that allows him to grow and prosper.

In the latter half of the twentieth century a transformation began in the world. Computer technology grew into the Internet and with this the ways of work altered and new job avenues opened. During the same period the environmental movement gave rise to urgent moves to sustain development and take actions to conserves natural resources. The solar panel industry, for example, grew quickly into a viable industry. There are many other opportunities of similar ilk.

The profession of being a web developer is new, and not all developers wish to work for others. They may see opportunities to work for themselves as their own bosses in a world where new kinds of work proliferate. Some are successful but competition is stiff. This is the stuff of healthy markets and continued evolution.

Ironically it is traditional traders and producers who have been among the first to exploit new opportunities provided by the Internet. Religious groups who produce highly distinctive products have been quick to see the advantages of global audience, as have people in the ancient hospitality industry. This shows how the world has been changed substantially and how some have adapted to change better than others.

Traditional and conventional entrepreneurs are, perhaps unsurprisingly, among the most successful in grasping new business opportunities presented by the environmental movement and information technology. They already possess the attributes of curiosity and intelligence that have made them successful in the past and best able to adapt and evolve. Those who are most fit will see and exploit new developments.

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