Business Uniforms What to Wear?

Business Uniforms What to Wear?

Are you a businessman? Want to know what you should wear in the office? Here is the answer.

Those times are gone when businessmen could wear only suits. Things have changed now, present business uniform “mantra” is simple, your dress should please you and everyone who is associated with you like clients, employees, employers etc.

The best thing to do is to choose an outfit which is neither too formal nor too casual. You should be able to feel comfortable in it, at the same time you should be well dressed. Remember your business dress always plays an important role in determining level of respect you get.

Every time people around you judge your personality through your dress.

Big dilemma is faced by young entrepreneurs. If you are young do not think of wearing funky clothes, always wear the dress and question yourself if your boss or business partner wear same kind of attire, it will suit the moment or not? Whether the dress helps in enhancing your business personality or what kind of aura it creates? Examine critically and then decide.

Remember the law of attraction, it says “You will be attracted to people in which you find your reflection.” Always look the dressing sense of your above ranked person and get better every time. So, before going for that big day read books, surf websites and try clothes until you get the perfect one.

Men: Black, black!!!! This is the color for men’s formal suiting. Everyone from tom cruise to Dustin Hoffman love to wear black tuxedo. So, black clothes must-must for your wardrobe.

Along with this other shades which are hot this season navy blue, grey, and silver. While wearing navy blue suit be extra careful, it must suit your skin complexion. Silk tie’s are always in fashion, cuff links, pocket squares (silk or Lenin) both of them should complement the color of the suit. If your coloring sense is not so good, wear a white shirt this is far better than experimenting. Avoid taking risk especially when you are going for an interview.

You can wear a bottom-down or a straight collared shirt; it depends on your personal choice. Never wear a collar bar it leaves a bad impression. Tie is the most important part of a men’s dress. It shows your personality traits more than anything else. Do not wear the tie which is bright, with colored pictures over it, as it will distract the attention of others.

Ties’ tip should reach belt buckle. Your dress should fit you perfectly. For instance while trying a shirt close the topmost button and then examine the space between the neck and the collar. It should neither too tight nor too loose. Similarly for shoulders-the stitch on the shoulder should come exactly at the end of your shoulders, it should not be hanging. Do not wear a casual dress just by watching another employee wearing it, especially when you are going for an interview.

Remember you are not an employee yet. General business attire include sport coat and dress trouser. Avoid denim as much as you can. Shoes also play an important role mainly black or burgundy colored shoes (laced) are preferred polish them regularly and wear the matching socks with them. Socks should be long enough to hide your haired legs when you sit. Gold, silver or any conservative designed watch gives you a styled professional look. Wear belt of the same color as that of shoes and belt should contain simple buckle.

Women: women can also wear shades of black, grey, blue etc. Hunter -green is also a trendy shade for business women. Now a day’s skirted suits are preferred length of the skirt should be up to the knees or longer. Avoid very tight ones. Slits look good but should not exceed above the knees. A centrally placed slit on the back is preferred as it allows you to walk comfortably especially on stair case.

Fabric should be wool, Lenin, or any other good quality fabric. Blouse should be of classic style, both long and short sleeved is good. A high neck lined one looks impressive. Colors recommended are white, pale yellow, creams and other light colors try to match the color of your blouse to that of your suit like if you are wearing a navy blue suit, wear a very pale blue blouse with it.

All this will give an impression that you are capable of coordinating your business uniform. Fabric used should be silk or cotton depending on your choice and weather. Something on the neck is preferred a tie, bow or scarf. Do not wear too much jewellery, remember you are in business, not in some fashion party. Too much jewellary or make up will ruin your professional look. A single simple necklace like that of pearls can be worn. Wear rings but only one per hand. A closed pump looks good if of the same color of that of suit. Do not wear the flat ones. You can wear hosiery -of skin color or transparent without any patterns on it. A small purse or a briefcase also gives you a classic look.

Some tips:
Avoid wearing a dress which would cause itching or any kind of irritation. Weather plays an important role; use mostly cotton clothes in summer. If you are going for an interview, search about that particular company and its dress code and dress accordingly. Give a lot of importance on how the dress fits on your body. Try to hide the problem areas, for example if your height is short wear the dress with vertical stripes on it, this will give you much longer look. If you are fat wear one colored two piece dress.

Choose the color of your dress according to your skin complexion. There is a myth that shades of black and grey are always boring. This is not true. This depends on your personality. Other way out is to use little accessories of vibrant colors.

Along with your black or grey dress. Avoid wearing jewels as far as possible or wear it in controlled manner.

Sometimes employee make a big mistake of wearing a really down dress just by making excuse that company gives the freedom to wear casual. Do not exploit the freedom to such an extent, if you are women and want to show your waist, wear belt or a scarf around it. If you are going for a business function or party -tuxedo are best for men with a matching tie and women should consult online websites to find out the latest trends. Always give first preference to quality. Go for the best quality product as it sets up your reputation which is most important factor.

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