‘Made In China’ Now Being Made In Africa

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  • Hope its a fair trade deal offer.

  • Did anyone else catch the comment made regarding Chinese marryiing African women ““But then, as much as I want to work there, I can’t look for a wife—marrying an African is marrying down—so I will need to do that here.” Wow, African money, labor and land is good enough for the Chinese man but to marry an African woman is beneath him! Same story different country! Black women are valuable all over the world we are the vessel from whence all men came! I hope this relationship does not further damage an already fragile up and coming Africa.

  • They are about to own the Caribbean also!

  • THe Europeans swept in , murdered, stole, enslaved and left the continent to rot outside of their economic pillaging. China has come offering growth, stability and a financial backing that Europe does NOT want. DO I want Africa to rise as a continent by itself? Yes. However if it gets HELP being pulled from under European oppression by Asians then good for China for investing in Africa instead of raping it.

  • Lance Scurvin Lance Scurv


  • Knew this was coming…..when China started buy up huge swaths of the continent….