China Understands What The West Doesn’t: Africa Is Our Next Superpower

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  • well the strength of america lies in it’s food production not arms,and china has proved it to a point.if africans can feed and make life better for ourselves there will be no room for boko harams nor armed robbers.our corrupt politicians,police,customs,irs,immigration and others deprive us of education and health assistance causing death from accident on our roads and hospitals and many more problems.we are so greedy that dangling a few coins in our face we are ready to sell our mothers and families

  • well we can’t blame them if we so dumb to know,value and work hard to make life better for us instead of our greed,selfish and envious attitude.Dubai knows that the oil resources they have is limited to time as such they have diversified their investments and look at where they arrive and continue to go.we should wake up

  • Africa better get their bootleg Chinese asses out of Africa WAKE UP AFRICA!!!!! didn’t you learn anything from what those evil europeans did to you

  • Colonized by whites, Arabs and soon Asians and we can’t defend our land so they will take it

  • You are all speaking on Africa as if it is one country

  • I agree wig Omari Carr

  • China tryn to dump 100 million ppl off on Africa and use the Africans as cheap labor while polluting the water and the land liked they did there own country

  • Of course “The West” understands this! Why do you think they are recently so blunt and right into everybody’s face with pushing their “New World Order” at all cost!

  • Kenya

  • Omari Carr Please dont fall for propaganda.. Life outside the US is totally different

  • Beg to differ, at this moment Africa cannot defend itself from biological germ warfare, nuclear or conventional warfare. Natural resources are useless if you do not control means of extraction. China is playing the same colonial game and we have been fooled yet again. China is no friend to Africa wait and see

  • But in order to be a true superpower one must have some serious arms and weapons to deter others from even trying to invade Africa. Boko Haram is showing the world that Africa is weak. Africa must address it’s security issues before even think about being a superpower.

  • that’s true