How to Earn a Black Belt in MLM Recruiting in 3 Quick and Easy Steps

How to Earn a Black Belt in MLM Recruiting in 3 Quick and Easy Steps

You don’t know it yet, but in just a few short moments you’re going to realize that becoming a black belt in MLM recruiting and going from recruiting wimp to an mlm recruiting powerhouse is a whole lot easier than you think, if you know the steps.

You see, if you want the same results the heavy hitters get, you’ve gotta do what the heavy hitters do. And if you don’t, you won’t. Keep reading to discover how.

Step 1 – Only talk to people that are right for your business (And stop talking to the wrong people).

Did you know, the #1 cause of fear, stress, and rejection in network marketing is talking to the wrong people?

It’s true. Don’t believe me? Ask yourself this question:
What do all of these “prospects” have in common?

* Your warm market list (family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc.)

* Strangers on the street (3 foot rule, sizzle cards, flyers, newspaper ads, etc.)

* Business opportunity seekers

* Genealogy lists.

And the answer is: NONE of them are actively looking for you or your opportunity. At best, they’re broke and looking for a job. And because they’re not looking, this is why there’s so much fear, stress, and rejection. (This is also why there’s so much training on “overcoming objections”.)

So, who should you be talking to?

How about someone like you? That’s right, the hottest prospect you will ever talk to is another network marketer who is either looking for you specifically or your opportunity. Here’s where to find them:

* Social networking sites like MySpace or Direct Matches

* Network marketing forums like or

* Do a Google search for network marketing/mlm blogs

So how do you get network marketers looking for you? Continue to Step 2 for the answer.

Step 2 – Market yourself (your skills and leadership), NOT your business opportunity.

Keep this fact in mind: Prospects simply don’t care that you’ve got a ground floor opportunity, a revolutionary product that’s going to change the world, the best compensation plan ever, or that your company founders have a proven track record of success. In fact, those are the same reasons they joined their last opportunity.

Instead, when networkers everywhere are trying to figure out how to build a successful network marketing business, separate yourself from the crowd by showing them how. In other words, when everyone else is digging for gold – sell shovels!

There is no better way to get a prospect chasing you than to show them that you really do know how to build a successful network marketing business. Don’t hesitate to “show what you know” in forums and blogs and make friends with other networkers on social networking sites.

And just remember, people don’t join business opportunities – they join you. So share your expertise, give them a reason to join you, and when the time is right for them – they will.

Step 3 – Don’t try to become an expert at overcoming objections.

This last and final step goes against the grain of everything you’ve been taught about network marketing. You see, for years network marketing training has told us that everyone is a prospect. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

As a network marketing trainer, I can tell you from experience that 99% of the time, objections are really a prospect’s way of saying, “I’m not interested”. Unfortunately, this is also when most network marketers turn on the pressure and start using silly antics like “feel-felt-found”.

Just keep this very important rule in mind when it comes to overcoming objections:

If you have to overcome objections and drag someone into your business, you’re going to have to drag them around your business. And dragging people around your business is like driving a car with the parking brake on. Sure you might eventually get there, but it’s going to be alot more difficult and not much fun.

So there you have it – How to earn a black belt in mlm recruiting in 3 quick and easy steps.

Be sure to put these simple-yet-effective strategies to work for you immediately. The benefits they bring to your networking business are endless. Among them are lower stress levels, higher quality prospects and an overall stronger organization.

And that’s just the beginning. If you’re ready to continue your black belt recruiting training, simply visit the link below for even more free powerful tips and strategies.

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