Ethiopia Developing Faster Than Any Other African Country?

  • Nayborhood Neezy

    What about South Africa & Ghana ?

  • Dawit DT

    Scammer’s from Egypt and Eritrea.

  • Dawit DT

    It is easy to make Fake Profile and Picture.

  • Keibian Crumedy

    I can never your posts. They don’t appear for some odd reason.

  • Kelong Ngwa

    Even the united states does not have the attributes hereof. It is Africa’s Kairo moment and nothing will stop it from rising.

  • Selbst Binafsi

    cant open content.

  • Bizi Francis

    It’s nice for Africa to develope but if they haven’t reached to appoint where they have to develope politically, and when I say politically meaning having a transparency democratic system that will guarantee freedom, prosperity and security for everyone citizen of each country, then development, can’t last for long, because of poor governance someone will come and tore everything apart.

  • Ras Kassa

    Yes, but at what cost, is it Ethiopia is advancing by and for itself or rather it is being advanced by and for China.

    Substiting a pink ape on your back for an Asian one does not advance, you are still being used and abused and setting up your people to be in this predicament for generations, perhaps FOREVER

  • Tshepiso Pheto

    ethiopia was the pride of africa sometime ago.I dont know much about it today except for AU quarters.

  • Ethiopia Tekdem

    this report of yours is a scam!!! it is fake development and unprofessional report!!!! reading this report of yours, i doubt the credibility of other news as well!!!!

  • Trebor Cole

    This is great a lot of the African countries are developing I’m dreaming of a United Africa!!! United Stated of Africa Africans around the world would benefit!!!

  • Charles E. Brown