Occasions that Demand a Black Suit

Occasions that Demand a Black Suit

Buying a classic black suit can be the best investment a man can make in his wardrobe. By combining business shirts and ties having different colours, a man can change his appearance simply because black suits for men are so versatile. All the man needs to do is to select his shirt and shoes carefully, and the black suit becomes an outfit that can be worn perfectly at formal or even casual events. For men in the corporate world who have no clue about how their day is going to be like, a black suit is a godsend. Wearing one, they can move in and out of office, business meetings, parties, conferences, weddings or other similar events.

Some events that merit wearing a black suit include:

* Interviews, meetings or conferences: A black suit could appear too intimidating for a simple meeting in the office. Therefore, a light blue shirt and a complementing tie could help dress it down a bit. However, for the more important meetings such as those with clients, few outfits are as polished and acceptable as a black suit. Since the black suit adds a dimension to your personality, avoid wearing ties with bold colours or vague patterns. Opt for something that adds a touch of subtlety.

* Formal evening events: These are the simplest occasions to dress for. A black suit, a crisp white shirt and a bow tie are ideal for a black tie event. Round off the package with shining black patent leather shoes and a black belt. If you want to heighten the classy look further, add a pocket square, a metallic timepiece and an elegant pair of cufflinks.

* Weddings and parties: Patterned shirts and ties complement black suits well at parties and weddings. A shirt with widely spaced stripes looks elegant on a black suit, especially when paired with a patterned tie that pulls the colours of the stripes. A simple white or grey shirt with a solid tie is great for a more formal event. Likewise, a solid coloured shirt and a bold patterned tie on a black suit will be ideal for more festive occasions.

Ensure that you keep your tie confined to a maximum width of 3 inches at its widest. Black socks, a black belt and black dress shoes complete the picture.

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