Riches With the Black Card

Riches With the Black Card

Back in Black. This is one of the premier slogans of the rapidly-growing popularity of the Visa Black Card, in its attempt to reach the level of other older, more well-known luxury charge cards. American Express and Chase variants come to mind, as well as exclusive cards whose names are well-known only among the rich and famous (or not so famous; but definitely still rich). The slogan is an excellent marketing coup by Barclay’s Bank, which is actually the issuer of the Visa Black, by taking an already well-known corporate brand in Visa, and attaching the growing clout that whispers of an exclusive black card was gaining. Although not nearly as grand as the Centurion card – which was the original, unofficial ‘black card’ – the black Visa nonetheless has many benefits befitting a high end credit card.

A run-down of the benefits of Visa’s contribution to the world of luxury credit is in order: with the black card, you get access to a round-the-clock front desk service, which is purported to serve your every (reasonable) need. Need a reliable cab service? Give them a ring and they’ll hail the best one for you according to popular ratings from reviewers in the relevant city. Furthermore, the concierge desk can be used for trip planning details and recommendations en route, if you have any doubts regarding your itinerary or want changes made.

The Visa Black Card will cost you almost $ 500 bucks annually; but then again, if this makes you balk, then the card is assuredly out of range for you. Although many people may receive an application, this annual fee should actually serve as the measuring stick for whether or not they should bother applying; the appearance of means and wealth always has – and always should – be costly. If you manage to pull in over a hundred thousand dollars per year, then this should be more than sufficient to justify having the Black Card from Visa. The patent-pending card has the normal benefits to go with the extras; like luggage protection in case of loss, a pretty good cash-back rate, roadside car assistance in case of emergency, and many others. In short; this card isn’t merely for show, even if the beautiful black surface is highly visible and definitively (as well as definitely) eye-catching.

Lastly; the Visa Blackcard could be the card for you even if you’re not specifically rich. As a card with many traveler benefits, it befits a frequent flyer of any profession, whether business or simply pleasure. 90 countries around the Earth accept the Visa Black, and 600 airport lounges welcome your patronage with seriously reduced rates subject to presentation of your card at the door. For those of you concerned with prestige and the envious eyes of your peers (I think we all are to some extent!), then flashing this baby will get you the things you desire. Although the vivid commercials portraying such a beautiful lifestyle are tempting; the fact is, this card isn’t for everyone – only for those who think nothing of $ 60 dinners for one. Without a doubt, these and many others have quieted the clamors that an annual fee of $ 500 is too much for what is, after all, a luxury card.

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