Zimbabwe-China Mega Deals Anger Western Countries


Zimbabwe-China Mega Deals Anger Western Countries
Zimbabwe has adopted a look east policy in recent years

AFRICANGLOBE – Western countries that imposed illegal economic sanctions on Zimbabwe, are threatened by China’s growing business ties with Zimbabwe and other African countries and are making spirited efforts to scuttle the Asian country’s deals through a media onslaught, Chinese Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr Lin Lin has said.

Responding to questions while delivering a public lecture at Midlands State University last Friday, Ambassador Lin said Western countries were feeling the heat of China’s mutually beneficial relationship with Zimbabwe and other African countries and were working tirelessly to disrupt his country’s efforts to revive African economies.

“There are some sectors of the Western media that are trying to tarnish China’s image by claiming that we want to siphon resources from Zimbabwe and Africa at large. They are the former colonial masters of Africa and they want to break the fabric between China and Africa.

“They have imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe and the country has suffered a lot, particularly the economic sector,” he said.

The West’s illegal sanctions regime is estimated to have cost Zimbabwe over $42 billion in revenue since 2000 in addition to shrinking the economy by a factor of over 40 percent.

Ambassador Lin said China was not there to siphon resources from Zimbabwe, but wanted to partner the country to ensure it revives its economy that was bludgeoned by the illegal sanctions regime for over a decade.

The Dailymail of the UK, recently had a column by writer Andrew Malone titled “How China is Taking Over Africa, and Why the West should be Very Worried.

The paper’s online version had a picture of President Mugabe inspecting a guard of honour mounted by the Chinese Army during a state visit.

The Telegraph of the UK also weighed in with an article “China is trying to colonise Africa,” with the paper expressing concern why the Asian country was moving to cut mega deals with African countries.

Forbes Magazine of the United States of America also had an article “China Understands What The West Doesn’t: Africa Is Our Next Superpower,” and expressed displeasure over the way the USA was losing grip in Africa to China.

Such claims, Ambassador Lin said, were being propagated by Western countries threatened by the win-win deals China was sealing with most African countries.

“China and Zimbabwe are partners. China is not in Zimbabwe to siphon its mineral resources but we are partners in many aspects. We do not only partner Zimbabwe in the mining sector, but we have supported the country’s agriculture. We are very supportive of the country’s objective to avert hunger and ensure food security at household level. We are also partnering Zimbabwe in developing the country’s infrastructure.

“Zimbabwe has many natural resources which it must properly utilise to rebuild its economy. We have partnered with 17 countries in Africa,” he said.

According to Zim Asset, the country’s economic blueprint, infrastructure development mainly in the power and transport sectors has been identified as a key economic enablers, while food security and nutrition would ensure a healthy nation.

Ambassador Lin said China has remained committed to assisting Zimbabwe in reviving its economy which was derailed by the illegal sanctions imposed by western countries.

He said China would give as much support as it could to ensure Zimbabwe extricated itself from the economic challenges.

Ambassador Lin said Zimbabwe had benefited more from the two countries’ cordial relations.

He said the bilateral trade between the two countries had yielded about $ 1.1 billion worth of deals.

“We invested more than $602 million in Zimbabwe last year which is China’s biggest investment in Africa.

“As of last year, China exported goods worth $440 million to this country while Zimbabwe sold us goods worth $688 million of which over $400 million was from tobacco exports. China is there to help Zimbabwe achieve economic recovery,” he said.

Ambassador Lin said China had recommitted itself to helping Zimbabwe revive its economy during President Mugabe’s recent visit to the Asian country where he inked mega deals that have immense potential of reviving the economy.

“We have been partners with Zimbabwe dating back to the time of the liberation struggle. We continue to support Zimbabwe,” he said.


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  1. Zimbabwe does not need China’s ‘mega deals.’ Zimbabwe urgently needs a clean, less corrupt government that manages its resources in an accountable manner. In the last 34 years Zimbabwe has endured a careless, corrupt government that has mismanaged its resources and accelerated widespread poverty on its citisens. China’s so called ‘mega deals’ are already marred in bribes, kickbacks and patronage. Future Zimbabwean generations will bend under the burden of repaying debts to China.

  2. Your words ring totally true. Dr. John Henry Clark made a comment I champion to black people as many times I can on a daily basis with clarity that as black people we have no friends. He said we have to watch our alliances and not to be depend on others for things that we should be doing for ourselves.

  3. The Chinese /African bilateral agreements are more beneficial to Africa than any other economic swapping in modern society. The west is hastily Swooping into Africa to prevent continued independent growth and economic development that will foster a new form of economic ideology that would influence a national change throughout the continent.

    Chinese businesses are developing infrastructure that will contribute to real economic and socioeconomic developments to create more wealth across the board rather than in the hands of a few that fosters more wealth disparity and increase poverty.

    China does not look to disrupt economic progress contrary to all other forms of interventions by the west that destroys infrastructure, massacre the population and pretend to be contributing to economic development but install corruption and stymie economic growth. China is spending $200 billion in economic development in over 30 Africa nations. They are not bombing Middle East. They are not kidnapping young girls and pretend to contribute intelligence to fight off militants.

    The Chinese are building schools, African exchange student programs, hospitals, manufacturing, railway system, developing new industries that will empower the Africans in sustaining economic growth. The Chinese working population at 949 million is converting its economic structure from manufacturing to service oriented sector where the manufactures will have to be relocated to other developing countries, Africa is ideal with one of the largest unemployed youth eager to work. It’s a win-win arrangement for both China and Africa.

  4. Africans are useless and stupid.WHERE IS THIS CULTURE OF. DEPENDENCY GONNA STOP?Really YOU can’t function on your own?or you like the role of being WILLLING SLAVES.

  5. i hope us young generation will learn not have anything to do with west. they do not do business only but want to change the way you govern your countries. they have been in zimbabwe twenty years but did a little so let us give chineese a chance too.


  7. Just because China is doing business with Zimbabwe doesn’t mean they’re not being taken advantage of. Ask Bahamians how they feel about the Chinese invasion there. If hired, many of them aren’t even allowed to have contact with any money.

  8. Can we raise awareness about the so-called pygmies? The europeans are trying to make their plight a “racial” issue. Same with the khoisan groups in south Africa. Hurry we need to adress this. Racists now claim pygmies and bushmen as their own (most “primitive” groups thus easy to patronize). Africans must help other Africans. Never trust the west

  9. Tony is correct…. if you look at the history of the matter African countries have always tried to choose the lesser of two evils so to speak… whether it is the US/Europe or the east Russia/China…. Africans get the short end of the stick…. allowing economies to function independently is empowering… empowerment leads to equality which means less profit for the big boys lol..

  10. nice article but a little too much propaganda even for me. LETS BE CLEAR – the capitalist/imperialist economies of the western world are afraid of any former colony that is able to plan out, and manage it’s economic growth from the state perspective; because this economic act ushers in SOCIALISM. the act of a planned response to the poverty of exploited workers can potentially CHANGE economic structures permanently. The entire world has experienced colonial exploitation at the hands of Europe; world civilization has lived under colonial domination in the past, and therefore China has this in common with all of Asia and all of Africa. By necessity the two countries will continue to work together and re-define the capitalist economy. The Zimbabwe look east policy was a material necessity as much as it is considered an ideologic parity; American executive ordered sanctions only hastened up the process. The Ali-Baba dominance in the stock markets are a true indication that capitalism can be transformed over time. As this happens negative articles depicting Mugabe as some kind of bad guy are to be expected.