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The 11 most amazing sexual experiences every woman needs to have

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by JimmyMac210 – just returned home from hospital

The 11 most amazing sexual experiences every woman needs to have

Whether they’re mind-blowing, terrible or just downright dirty, these are the sexperiences you’ve just gotta try at least once. A rite of passage if you will…
1. Sex with a guy with a really big dick
Oh sure, size doesn’t matter when you’re with the right guy. Absolutely. But then, y’know, if he’s not going to be The One then you don’t have to get caught up in the, ‘I really like how thoughtful his eyes are when we make luurrrve’ sitch, and might as well have sex with a guy with a massive penis who will shag you until you’re walking like John Wayne and are oddly proud of it.
2. Mind-blowing ‘I think I might die’ sex
le Fronnnch don’t call orgasms ‘the little death’ for nothing, and while realistically not every sexual encounter is going to leave you alight-headed, quivering mess that’s checking for a pulse, it would be a crime to go through life without a large helping of those. So lose your inhibitions and get cracking.
3. Sex with a mate
There’s something delightfully awkward in shagging one of your boy mates.
You’re both drunk when suddenly his stupid quiff and dodgy shirt become oddly attractive. The next thing you know you’re back at his fumbling in the dark, uncomfortably laughing while being pleasantly surprised at how hot his shoulders are and how he really knows how to touch th-eerrrrre.
4. The tricky position
But look, if you’re going to do some weird type of karma sutra body contorting position then make sure you do it with someone who won’t mind fixing your leg cramp and popping your shoulder back into place.
Weird ones have to be done, but more just to be ticked off a list – the lip biting will more likely be the concentration kind rather than the orgasmic.
5. Angry sex
Now please note: angry sex is very different from make-up sex. While the latter is all about: ‘Oh my gahd, I love you so much I can’t believe I wanted to kill your cat’, angry sex is all about the: ‘GRRR, yeah you like it like that dickhead? Well I don’t give a shit ’cause I hate you right now, but I’ll give you some more anyway and slap you while I’m at it too.’
You’ll be the best of friends again by the end of it.
6. I’ve Waited For You Forever Sex Part 1: It’s Fucking Amazing
You’ve been in love with him since he walked into your mate’s party eight years ago, took the piss out of your shoes and shared all his vodka with you. But he had a girlfriend back then and when they broke upbut you were going out with Loser Terry. Now though you’re both single, naked and making up for nearly a decade of mutual longing that’s so amazing that you’d even wait another eight years to have it again. (But oh god, please no, I can’t ever imagine my life without this.)
7. I’ve Waited For You Forever Sex Part 2: What the Hell Is This Shit?
You’ve been sending flirty, dirty, drunken texts and emails for the longest time. You’ve giggled profusely at even his most average jokes and stalked his Facebook 16 times a day, but for some reason you never got together. Yeah, the gods were preventing that because now it’s happening and it feels more like a medical probe than sex. Turns out all those sexy messages and cheeky winks have put so much pressure on you both that now it’s just… oh and there goes his boner. Yeah.
8. Girls Allowed
You need to try some girl-on-girl at least once, and no it won’t make you a lesbian. Well it might, but you won’t know unless you try.We’re talking crazy porn stuff, and it absolutely does NOT count if you’re doing it for male attention, but getting with another girl is a great way to explore your own sexuality and find out exactly what you’re into.
9. The threesome
It’s not like you’re a total slave to the orgy, but it’s fun to get a bit too carried away after a lot of wine and do it with a couple of mates. Once you pass the weird juggling act element of it and let yourself be spontaneous it can be tonnes of fun. Does it have to be awkward in the morning? Um, nah. Blame the wine…
10. The ‘Oh, I had no idea I was that filthy…’
Oh you like sex and you don’t run a mile at the idea of being spanked and thrown about a bit, but there’s a certain guy who the chemistry is so intense and insane with that you make Fifty Shades of Grey look like Little House on the Prairie. Yup, boundaries are pushed, safe words agreed on but never used, and you’re paranoid that the world is looking at you and thinking ‘that deviant’s goin’ ta hell.’ Yup everyone needs some pure filth every once in a while.
11. Self love
And by ‘self love’ we don’t mean standing in front of the mirror and saying ‘I’m a real great gal’, we’re talking making yourself come as good as or better than any guy can. So warm your hands up, invest in an awesome vibrator, Google image Ryan Gosling – whatever floats your boat, and learn howto do your best Meg Ryan impression for when no one’s watching.
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