Bridgetown Is In Barbados

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Bridgetown Is In Barbados

The historic capital of Barbados is Bridgetown which is well known through the Indies. Being one of the largest city on the island with 100,000 people living there. Most other countries would consider Bridgetown in Barbados a town. Some of Bridgetown fall in different areas, mostly St Michael but some parts of the city are in Christchurch and St James. The name was changed from James Town in 1628 and the present location was decided upon.

British landed on Barbados and found it was unspoilt and could not find many inhabitants and there was very little evidence to suggest any body else having ever lived on the island in years before. They did find a simple bridge which had been put over a swamp and this was though to have been put there by a group of people call the Arawak’s which were know for living on some of the islands.

Bridgetown today is place of much business, with designer shops, night bars, attractions for visitors, pubs and much more. I hate to say but when visiting Barbados it is easy to see that the island would not surrvive without it’s holidaymakers visiting. As the Rum and sugar cane fields could not support them alon as this is the only exports.

Bridgetown is located towards the south of island a very popular destination with tourists and visitors from other Caribbean islands. It is a very diverse and cultural capital which houses many historical places of interest such as; The Parliament Building, The Lord Nelson Statue, The Barbados Museum and various beautiful churches dating back as far as the 19th Century.

Bridgetown is known as the place to shop and being the capital you may have suspected this. It has many designer outlets and retail malls. If you are looking for a bit more of traditional island merchandise then try Cheapside Market and its surrounding stores as you will find more locale items here.

Barbados and Bridgetown in particular are known for their excellent value for money and quality diamonds, so be prepared if the wife is on the look out for a new bit of jewellery. Prices are extremely negotiable in the reputable jewellery outlets, please be aware that most places are honest and good quality however there will always be someone willing to ruin the party therefore do not buy from street traders or someone that approaches you on the street.

You will find that US dollars are accepted throughout the island and I must say many shops will also take sterling. You will in general find there are 2 Barbados Dollars to the 1 US Dollar. As the Bajans like to keep it simple.

The capital is also known for its great party environment for an evening with its many nightclubs and bars there will be something for you. Or try some of the other place like Holetown which has a square with several bars and restauransts then there is no needs to walk far.

Like any large city there will always be a need for vigilance, although the crime rate in Barbados is particularly low. If you do not know the area well it is always advised late at night to get a taxi or be on an escorted tour.

Also an important fact to note is, it is advisable not to wear any type of combat clothing especially in the Capital, as in Barbados it is considered to be impersonating the local Military and is an arrest able offence and you would not like to spend a night in the local cells at Bridgetown.

Please note that even if you are not staying anywhere near the bottom of the island of Barbados you do not want to miss out on visiting Bridgetown, make sure you allow a day to explore the small city.

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