Business Opportunity Selling 4 Channel Color Or Black And White Quad–Its Easy!

Business Opportunity Selling 4 Channel Color Or Black And White Quad–Its Easy!

I am married with children but my eldest is a son born out of wedlock who lives with his mom. I am always on the lookout for a business opportunity idea to augment my income so I can afford my eldest’s wishes and even whims.

She thinks I am being too permissive with my son but I think otherwise. I just want to give him the best I can, so when he decided to go to an exclusive school prior to attending a reputable university, I consented. No questions asked.

I learned of Safety Technology and its business opportunity idea of marketing surveillance cameras and security systems. This drop ship wholesale company carried real-time 4 channel color or black and white quad devices, which excited me most.

It’s too bad when a security system has several cameras but not a quad needed to show those cameras’ feeds all at once on a split screen. Although some quads have over 4 channels, picture clarity suffers, so these quads I found were just right.

This business opportunity idea could capitalize on my computer engineering background even as life somehow led me to becoming a fiberglass door distributor.

I thought perhaps my former classmates would be interested in buying this high-resolution 4 channel color or black and white quad. Not only can its duplex system execute an upload and a playback at the same time but also support machines that capture and record simultaneously, like VCRs and VISECs.

I was able to incorporate this business opportunity idea into my primary operation. Whenever a buyer required my installation add-on service, I would come by, give it the personal touch, and then broach the subject of office or home security.

With the help of a reliable 4 channel color or black & white quad product to resell, I survived my eldest’s school tuition. This year is his first as an Ivy Leaguer.