Buying A Home, Downtown, Or In The Suburbs

Buying A Home, Downtown, Or In The Suburbs

Location, as always, is the key to buying a home, whether you are a first time buyer, or a seasoned veteran. When deciding where to buy, there are many things to take into consideration, one of them is whether to go with a home in the suburbs, or buying a city property. Both have their advantages as well as disadvantages, and there are people who swear by each, and hate the other. Here are some things to think about when it comes to finding out which is better for you and your spouse, and your family if you have one.

There are some definite upsides to living in the city. Entertainment, dining, and shopping are at your fingertips. If you work in the city you live in you can get to work quickly on a moped or bike and save money on gas. There is plenty to do at nearly any time of the day or night, depending on the city you live in. On the weekends you can spend time at one of the many parks and use public transportation to get there.

However, living in the city does have some downsides. The homes tend not to be like the homes that most people envision, but flats or apartment type buildings. They are usually smaller and more expensive per square foot. You will have to deal with finding parking, loud noises, and increased crime. If you have children, there will often be no yard for them to play in and you might be afraid to let them go to the park without you. The schools in many big cities are often overcrowded and are troubled by gangs. Generally, if you are single or a couple, living in a city can be great, but if you have a family or are considering having one, you might want to consider a home in the suburbs.

Life in the suburbs or just outside of the city has many advantages. You will have plenty of space to move around in. You will likely live in a quiet neighborhood and have a yard for your children to play in. You will have neighbors that you will eventually get to know and trust. Even the suburbs have opportunities for entertainment and shopping and plenty of parks to enjoy. The schools are usually smaller, with a better student to teacher ratio. Overall, there is less violence and the noise level is lower.

However, there are downsides to living in the suburbs too. If you work in the city, you will have to think about the commute back and forth each day. Not to mention the hassle of finding a parking place once you arrive. If you are a naturally busy person, you might get a little bored living in the suburbs. You will also have to deal with maintaining your home, mowing the lawn and keeping the yard looking nice. While properties in the suburbs are usually larger than those in the city, it can cost just as much to live in the suburbs as it does to live in the city. You will have to sit down and carefully think about each setting and consider the pros and cons of each in order to decide what is right for you as well as your family.

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