The Correct Spelling of German Shepherd

The Correct Spelling of German Shepherd

I was amused to find out that about one in any 3 individuals spell the word German Shepherd wrong, spelling them German Shepards rather. I am shocked that this breed of dog is so regularly misspelled, and I’m even further amazed to realized that I spelled it like this for so lots of of my life.

I hate spelling words incorrect & I always seek to avert it. I am consistently careful to make certain that I am on point with my spelling, but like every individual, occasionally I just slip up. The good thing is that I’m going to give you an easy way to remember how to spell this breed of dog correctly.

Follow my little procedure here & you will consistently remember that it’s not German Shepards, but shepherds.

Remember back to why this kind of canine was created & perhaps you will quickly figure it out. The German Shepherd was bred as a working dog, and it was only in the late 1890s that this breed came to existence.

People in Germany desired a canine to help herd sheep. Think of the words herd & sheep this time, and then reverse them. You don’t think of the German Shepards (I’m kidding) presently as sheep herding canines, as they are generally used by law enforcement to combat crime, in airports to sniff out drugs, and in other places that depend on the dog’s great olfactory senses.

This, however, is why they happened to be bred, & remembering this should make it a lot easier to spell the word appropriately.

As long as you attempt to keep this in mind every time you write or type out the word, I suppose you certainly will get it right from here. Don’t feel too badly regarding it because one in three folks do write it wrong.

I hope this has been useful. Here’s to a few spelling successes later in life when it comes to this wonderful variety of canine.

Now that you realize it isn’t the German Shepards spelled wrong, you’ll need to learn more German Shepherd training tips at my blog.