About Failure and Why People Embrace It

About Failure and Why People Embrace It

First, I hate the Status Quo, and if You want to not end up like Your miserable parents, You should also. The reason is Why is because it is created to make sure that You give up and ultimately fail in life, giving Your life no Meaning at all. It promotes the idea of working hard and struggling with life. If You, for Any reason think You are living the Life You should live, then maybe You ought to ask this: What have Your current activities done for You? If You’re Parents are failures, don’t You think that Common Sense would really tell You to go a different path than they are treading on?

It should be self explanatory, but Money is not the root of All Evil. I assure You that these Evil people would still do very bad things to those around them if their currency didn’t exist. It’s another one of those confusion terms those in charge love using. What is actually means is that this particular phrase is used to stir mass confusion among the general public. This particular phrase says that money is the Root of all Evil, and to the average person, it means that having any amount of Money is a crime to them and those around them. Why is that a serious problem? Simple, people always want a larger piece of the pie that they are currently eating, but to accomplish doing just that, they mustget out of the Rat Race and have lots of money. And right about now, the average Joe/Jane hits a rather large, red brick wall(You know, that really has to hurt)! They want money, but everyone tells them that it’s the source of all Evil(And the average person believes just that), but they don’t want everyone to label them as evil because he/she has a better life than pretty much everyone else. In layman’s terms: Said person is afraid of breaking the mold that makes him/her an average Joe/Jane. Of course, those in charge don’t like it when anyone becomes successful, and due to condition on a rather massive scale, the average Joe/Jane of course loathes anyone that isn’t them and the talking heads on the Television(Honestly, don’t even watch television, the Internet is in every way superior!)

Since the Internet is good for so many things, it’s rather difficult for those in power to effectively control it. In an attempt to counter this, those in power literally conditioned people to loathe the Internet for no good reason(People tend to love making ridiculous excuses such as it’s not set in stone, I don’t know what to except from the Internet). Fortunately, it’s actually less effective than I thought as more and more people use and depend on it for various reasons. Although the Internet is nearly impossible to control, people are rather easily controlled, and for example,can even be manipulated to believe that they are fighting against those in power, but are actually fueling the opposition that keeps those in power strong.

In closing to this article and generally speaking, people embrace Failure because they have been conditioned from childhood to believe that they want to become just like their parents(Whom of course, Are failures to begin with because of their conditioning).

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