Funny Fashion Faux-Pas!

Funny Fashion Faux-Pas!

The fashion world is flighty and unpredictable; one minute something can be paraded along every catwalk, only to find itself gracing charity shop rails months later. To the amusement of parents who know better, countless trends often manage to enjoy a revival years afterwards. Some fashion mistakes, however, are just too ridiculous to be repeated and get pushed to the back of our collective wardrobes, never to be seen again.

Those who commit fashion crime rarely do so alone, and trends are usually followed quickly; but sometimes one misguided individual breaks free, wisely or otherwise. Lady Gaga is perhaps the most-discussed ‘fashionista’ of late, with many in the fashion word having a love or hate for her unusual creations. Despite the fact that her outfits are rarely dull or conventional, she recently pushed her boundaries that bit further by wearing a statement dress made solely of pieces of meat. Odd and insanitary, Gaga is the perfect example of one woman making a fashion mistake; yet some fashions are just as bizarre and yet gain widespread popularity.

The Eighties were a notoriously horrendous time for fashion – think Wham! and their headbands – but one of the most ill-advised was crimping. The art of attacking one’s hair until it looked as though you’d been repeatedly electrocuted was one that girls everywhere took to with enthusiasm, prompting huge bouffants gracing the cover of every teen magazine across the country. However, crimping was as damaging to the hair as it was for the unfortunate eyes that had to look at it, and it fell out of fashion leaving clumps of burnt hair in its wake.

Not wanting to be shown up by the previous decade, the Nineties rolled out a bizarre and unusual trend in tracksuit bottoms that had a row of poppers running along the outside of each leg. Best worn with light-up trainers, the craze was impractical for the kids who loved it so much as the poppers often came undone all the way to the top, leaving chilly legs and oddly-shaped trousers. If wearers weren’t shivering as they tried to pop their clothes back together, they managed to cause puncture wounds on the legs if their owners applied even the slightest pressure by going about their usual routine, such as sitting down.

Although there are a great number of fashion errors to laugh at, none deserves the title of most ridiculous trend more than shoulderpads. Bulky and unnatural, they rose to fame on the shoulders of Joan Collins and graced many a woman’s badly fitting power suit – yet such an undeniably ugly trend has managed, several times, to reappear in the fashion approval list. Shoulder pads are a warning to future generations that, no matter how ridiculous the fashion is, there is always the slight chance that it will keep coming back to haunt you.

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