Take A Look At Karen Millen Black And White Dresses For This Summer

Take A Look At Karen Millen Black And White Dresses For This Summer

The summer is the perfect time for parties be it a wedding, birthday party, company event or a simple get-together with friends. As much as this is a time for fun and frolic, this could be your time to shine as well. With well chosen outfits, you can be one of the best dressed ladies in town. Black and white dresses are perfect for such a cause.

Why black and white dresses, you might ask. Well for starters, it is difficult to go wrong with black and white. Both colors are very complementary. It isnt a problem to accessorize a black and white-colored dress. Because the colors are neutral accessories of pearls, silver, gold or colored gems will all look great with a black and white dress.

Here are three excellent suggestions for your must-have black and white dresses for this summer. These Karen Millen dresses are suitable for both casual/semi casual parties and formal events.

1. The Karen Millen Zebra Dress is very casual and stylish. It is a perfect dress choice for a date. It is simple but attractive. It complements your figure but its not too sexy or revealing. It can also be paired with a shawl or a suit jacket should you wear it on a chilly night.

2. Black And White Graphic Dress – this Karen Millen dress is great to wear in weddings. It is elegant and casual. It will fit in nicely in a formal wedding ceremony, and its more casual reception afterward. It is strapless, above-the-knee pencil skirt with black and white fabrics sewn overlapping each other. The dress is also great for a date or a formal party.

3. Black And White Zip Dress – the design is more formal which makes it ideal for an executive or business event. The dress is sleeveless, knee-length pencil skirt with black streaks and waistband, giving the impression of a slimmer waist. The unconcealed zipper at the back is part of the dress design. It is also made from stretch cotton.

These Karen Millen dresses are simple and should be very comfortable to wear. The quality is excellent and the styles fabulous. Women of different ages and background should be able to wear them and look great in them.

Black and white dresses are indeed very simple. Yet in this case simplicity is beauty. Black and white dresses are elegant and classy, but may also be casual at the same time. This is a very good combination as it is not trashy in its casualness.

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