Would You Like to Kill Malavai Quinn in SWTOR Fallen Empire Expansion?

Would You Like to Kill Malavai Quinn in SWTOR Fallen Empire Expansion?

As new expansion Knights of the Fallen Empire is approaches closer, there are much more speculation on companions that could be selected. Since the story vacation had cleared confusion about Nico Okarr in Knights of the Fallen Empire, players are shifting focus to Malavai Quinn – the healing companion that is not always welcomed. Why players hate this companion? Would it be possible to kill him in new expansion?

Reasons why players want to kill Malavai Quinn

After reading all the facts/speculation about the companion’s in the next expansion, players are concerning about if they can kill Malavai Quinn finally. Despite the possibility, there are many reasons that promote players to kill him.

1. You’re Sith, but he failed and betrayed you, which makes one angry at him. If you are a female Sith Warrior who was romancing him, presumably you are REALLY angry; Quinn likes mostly sane Dark Siders in the first place…He’s betraying the Emperor himself at that point. Light (Lawful Evil) or Dark, he’s had it. Capital crime.
2. He’s responsible for the Draagh attack, which almost kills either Vette or Jaesa. What the Warrior does to him isn’t particularly survivable anyway.
3. It is never SAFE leaving him alone on the ship with your other companions because he is a serial killer.
4. Quinn has the worst AI of any companion in the game. He is the one on which players always have had to turn off every non-healing ability. Even when you are being in fights and drop health below 20% or so, he will still be using his auto-attack rather than healing you.

It may be impossible to kill Malavai Quinn in Fallen Empire

There are very few people that don’t hate Malavai Quinn due to his betrayal and incompetence in healing. However, it is not likely that players can kill him. Firstly, the betrayal is just setting thing. You are Sith, and Malavai Quinn was just following orders from a Dark Council member. As Sith infighting happens all the time, if you’re not used to Sith betraying one another, then you haven’t met many Sith. Thus, betrayal is not likely a sufficient reason to kill this companion.
Besides, it is really doubtful whether players will be able to kill them, mostly because there are a number of other game mechanics that could suffer from losing a companion, such as the stat reward for maxing out a companion’s affection, and a thousand things with Quinn achievement. Thus, some players indicate that killing Malavai Quinn seems to be wishful thinking, while kicking him out is possible or carbon freeze him or something lame like that.

In fact, the Sith are constantly betrayed, and well-aware that promote them seeking revenge on a personal level. On the contrary, they use that motivation. So players’ hating on Quinn is actually a setting thing. As for the possibility on killing him, you will need to wait and see. And before dust is settled down, you would need cheap swtor credits on Swtro2credits to be ready for the upcoming expansion.