Why Most People Will Never Ever Get Rich – 2009 Tips and Solutions – Hurrah?

Why Most People Will Never Ever Get Rich – 2009 Tips and Solutions – Hurrah?

The majority of people want to get rich, but reality is, not many people want to work like no one else. Many also want to be healthier, feel stronger and improve their looks. However, in regards to health less than 5% of Americans have a strong nutrition plan to be healthy and many people just do not exercise on a weekly basis to support their goals and ultimate dreams.

The easy and instant mentality have two forms of results for almost everybody that goes into their goals with such mind programming. They start their personal or business goals enthusiastically, they work for a little while,usually around a couple of months, and then if there are not any visible or formidable results in the first couple of weeks or at the end of the 3rd month, the enthusiasm drops drastically and then quitting becomes one of the easiest vague responses in an average mind.

Later what follows in this type of programming might likely be affirmations of long lasting effects that what you are trying to do, is either impossible to do or just not for you. While english is not my primary language the perfect word for such affirmations is: Baloney! In order to reach such conclusion anyone with this kind of mindset needs to waste all available mind resources. That means, there cannot be more possible solutions to a problem that you have not tried.

Phrases like the following are usually regular in such confused notions: this just does not work for me the majority of gurus are greedy, they only want half of your savings so they can keep up with the Joneses, or the classic that is impossible are common mind affirmations when clutter hits the average case-to-case scenario on why XY financial opportunity or goal was not a success.

While the second might have bits of truth; especially if you have been to Atlanta quite enough times, spend enough time in seminars here at P.R or had already shake hands with people in seminars worldwide were capitalism perseveres, the only person that has control of your actions and most importantly your thinking is still you.

I would have to say it again and repeat it each and every other year slowly with some added golden nuggets of old experiences: you are responsible for the way you live and for what you have become. It might not be what you have thought, however, great thing about it as long as you are alive you very likely have enough times to achieve unmet goals.

One of the case-to-case scenarios that hits me like a ton of bricks is popular Whitney and ex-husband Bobby. People hate the Bobby I know because the majority of people says Bobby is to blame over Whitneys meltdown over what was once, a wildly successful career in multiple industries.

Countless of times I have heard that Bobby was and still is a crackhead, but almost no one in the majority of circumstances is forced to induce their nose with the latest magical powder from Colombia when it comes to a marriage. Apparently for this couple, magical marriage was not in any type of sense. But the only one to blame and responsible for pimping her nose was Miss. Whitney. Bobby was just an influence!

For this case as I rewind my news, Whitney never complained of Bobby forcing her to become a crackhead! Curiosity, instant delusional thoughts and probably reckless adventure got her pinned. If she happened to be privilege enough to live in the land of the free as many of us happily exclaim, she had choices to make in order to keep with what was once, an eloquent career.

Similar treatment but same concept in decision making, action and choices goes to whoever wants to get rich or richer. You follow the mind set of rich people, you learn the steps of those successful, you execute them in your own way, and later on when you already achieved your own personal freedom, you create innovative and authentic solutions to any in-demand market.

The steps sound easy and even simple, but the change is not. But you or anyone that wants positive things, whether financially or in general family perspective purposes, need to either make the correct decisions based on the choices readily available. We are all responsible for our career, not even romantic Mr. Obama can make the most important decisions for you. The results of those choices will then be the feedback we get out of our initial selections.

Personal or business wise, we all hold the key to the success we want from the choices we make. While it would all depend on our personal definition on what success really is for you and me, you choose your own journey and your own commitments independently of external circumstances.

From the work we decide to do, how we invest our time after working on priority schedules and tasks, to the spouse me and you decide to permanently have. They will all have an impact on your results, but we all have control over the great majority of the decisions that always return us either positive results or negative outcomes.

Your decisions and commitments would also be great influences to your life overall satisfaction. You either become sufficiently educated in order to make the right decisions or, you let others make decisions for you and dictate your results for whatever the time maybe. Reminding you of Whitney, she still let Bobby make her decisions for her. But we all need to remember that Bobby was just a sacred influence. But, still an influence no matter how good or bad it ended up being.

What is then the single biggest obstacle that prevent people from becoming rich? It all sums up to attitude and choices. Those are two golden treasures that many keep looking up in $ 1,000 dollar courses and workshops across America.

While some of us need adjustments, others need total makeovers. Definitely understandable. But before you invest a fortune in courses, if you happen to need the pricey self-help items, these suggestions and reminders might very likely assist you in reminding you of having total control and making good choices that no one should ever make for you if you definitely consider to be in a healthy state of mind.

Why all these paragraphs about attitude, some online and local gurus keeping up with the Joneses, Whitney the crackhead or remind you of perhaps someone you perhaps know? My suggestion will be to take a big look around at your surroundings. Chances are that if you are not the single hermit from Park Avenue, you know what I am talking about.

Last thing I saw was a 34 years old Barber confirming with excitement the 528 BMW he bought parked in front of the sidewalk and still living with mom and dad! Surely is not a crime, that is good taste in a given sense, however, it just does not fit my profile and probably for you neither if he does not have other income sources. With such being said; be very careful on your decisions, who you listen to and who you hang around with for suggestions about financial success and making the right choices in business or in your personal life.

Having taken myself my share of experiences and seeing a lot since the age of 17 up to now, these reminders and tips should hopefully serve you as reminders. Be sure to select any of the hundreds of additional articles in my name and the ones from other entrepreneurs on such delicate subjects and learn from them. Keep doing your due-diligence on the internet, there are opportunities that you may not even imagine!

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