The Proper Syntax of German Shepherd

The Proper Syntax of German Shepherd

I was shocked to learn that nearly one in any three folks write out the word German Shepherd wrong, calling them German Shepards instead. I’m amazed that this word is so normally mistyped, & I’m even more stunned to learn that I spelled it like this for so many years.

I hate spelling words wrong and I always try to avert it. I am always careful to make certain that I’m exact with my spelling, however like every human being, sometimes I simply slip up. The good news is that I’m going to give you an easy way to recall how to spell this breed of dog correctly.

Follow my basic method here and you’ll always remember that it’s not German Shepards, but shepherds.

Remember back to why this kind of dog was created and perhaps you’ll quickly figure this out. The German Shepherd was created as a labor dog, & it was just in the late 1890s that this breed came to life.

People in Germany desired a dog to help herd sheep. Remember the words herd & sheep now, & then reverse them. You don’t think of the German Shepards (I’m kidding) presently as sheep herding canines, as they’re routinely used by police to fight crime, in airports to find substances, & in other places that depend on the dog’s good sense of smell.

This, however, is why they happened to be bred, and remembering this ought to make it much easier to write the word appropriately.

As long as you attempt to keep this in mind any time you write or type out the word, I suppose you’ll get it correctly from here. Do not feel too badly about it because one in three folks do spell it mistakenly.

I hope this has been informative. Here’s to a few spelling successes down the line when it comes to this fantastic variety of canine.

Now that you remember it isn’t German Shepards spelled wrong, you’ll have to learn some German Shepherd training tips at my blog.