Recession – What Recession? There’s Prosperity On The Web

Recession – What Recession? There’s Prosperity On The Web

I’m sure in the present economic climate there will be more than a few people dreading 2009. The recession has seen the closure of many companies and thousands of families have seen their source of income diminish.

Not surprisingly people are worried. Infact, statistics have revealed most people spend an average of 2hrs 15 minutes every day fretting, which amounts to 34 days every year worrying. Quite how they got those statistics is beyond me especially as 40% of people don’t even tell anyone they’re worrying.

However, at the beginning of 2008 people were most concerned about knife crime, global warming and buying a property. Now, at the beginning of 2009, the top six concerns relate to finance – or rather, lack of finance according to a website where people can go and discuss their worries in secret.

If you’ve never heard the expression “A problem shared is a problem halved”, I recommend you take note now and if you find yourself worried about something but feel you can’t admit it to your nearest and dearest, please find some other person to talk to. Bottling up problems just makes them so much worse.

Notably this year, the January sales have lasted longer and been more generous than usual and I did actually visit the shops over the Holiday season. This was actually quite a rare event, as unusually for a woman I absolutely HATE shopping. However, the sales were on and my family wanted to buy a few things.

I was amazed how few people were around and the amount of shops, which had “Closing Down”, signs on display. Many had already closed! My son wanted to buy a coat but couldn’t find one he liked in his size. After trailing around looking at every male department store open, he was told he could order on-line.

(Great, I thought – now they tell me!)

I must admit I was surprised, although I shouldn’t have been. Apparently on Christmas Day, more people logged on to the Internet to buy in the sales than went to Church!

That statistic alone tells us something though and that is the Internet is the way to go. Cash flows on the Internet – the secret is to position yourself so it flows in your direction, and it has seen the rise of many mom and pop, and home based business opportunities.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned since being online, I think, is to form relationships. There’s no doubt people like to buy from people, especially those they perceive as knowing what they’re talking about. I know in the past I’ve waited patiently for a specific shop assistant to serve me rather than go to their available fellow worker, simply because they were friendly, approachable and helpful.

What applies offline also applies to online businesses, and one of the best ways to connect with customers is through e-mail, audio and video. It is no longer enough to be a faceless entity. People want to know who they are dealing with. They want the personal touch.

Companies large and small who apply the personal touch have seen their businesses soar, and YouTube is now the second biggest search engine after Google!

Of course to promote your offer properly you need the right internet tool box, and no matter what business you are in they need not be expensive. You just need to know where to find them and how to use them.

It’s particularly beneficial and economical if you can get them all under one roof, not least because it saves so much time, but also because it saves having to remember so many different logins and passwords.

When you give value to your customers they come back for more and recommend you to others. Those who apply those principles often find themselves saying, “Recession – what recession?”

There’s prosperity on the web if only you know how to get it.

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