Are We Really Social???

Are We Really Social???

Many of us are guilty beyond reasonable doubt for using famous quotes to sound smarter, updating our social network pages with quotes every now and then. So how does a quote become famous. It is because lashing out “cool” quotes” that suit our moods is a smart move. We do write these but how often do we really ponder over them. Here are a few famous quotes.

“It is poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish.”
“Remember the poor-it costs nothing”
“Honesty is the first step in the book of wisdom”
“Law is reason free from passion”
( I did not change the quotes; that seemed inappropriate)

Taking a really good look at these quotes could definitely lead to the betterment of humankind. It is easy to spot many differences when comparing the lives we experienced growing up and the lives our children have now. Priorities often seem off balance in this modern world as we work endlessly to make everything work. Even with all that effort, it never seems to be enough for everyone, and so we pretend.

The idealism we had when we were younger, along with kindness and integrity, allowed us to have the world in our hands. But, as we evolved into adulthood, those attributes ended up on the back burner as we set out to make a living. We all make mistakes, but we should draw the line so they are not made at others’ expense (it would be nice if corporate companies remembered this. We all observe how much violence, resentment, hate and crime surround us daily. Do we know who we are any more.

Because love is the only true healer, we would likely make our world more ideal if we put one of these famous quotes into action daily instead of just writing the words somewhere trivial. Keep in mind the less fortunate, those with no shelter or food, the many lacking decent drinking water, children who never know a real childhood, and those who have to deal on a daily basis with a government that does not care. If we just shift our attention a little, we can find that kindness and moral ground to make a noticeable change.

This planet can become a better place if we all develop a habit of giving. Since the good outweighs the bad most of the time, and if we continue to improve in the right direction we will still deserve to call ourselves humans.

Not many can deny feeling smug after famous quotes person on their social networking page.